Fan Kexin: No matter in any position will try to fight

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Fan Kexin: No matter where you are, you will try your best. It was a painful event for China to lose the gold medal, but its process is still worth pondering.Qu Chunyu, Zhang Chutong, Fan Kexin and Zhang Yuting, four members of the Chinese women’s short track speed skating team, won a precious bronze medal for China with the spirit of “bayonet on ice” in front of many “strong men”.International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach and Olympic champions Zhang Hong, Yang Yang and Gao Tingyu attended the women’s 3000m short track speed skating relay final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 13.Facing suzanne Schulting of the Netherlands, Choi Minjing of South Korea, and Canada, China was not superior in terms of strength.South Korea won six gold MEDALS in the women’s relay at the Winter Olympics, while the Netherlands won three gold and one silver at this season’s World Cup.The match the Chinese girl faced was an extremely difficult one.This was on full display later in the match.Throughout the race, China was in first place only briefly on laps 1, 5 and 18.More time, the Chinese team has been in a catch-up situation.”The team trusted me by giving me the last leg.Since people believe in me, I will try my best.”When Fan Kexin received the last leg, the Chinese team had dropped to fourth place.The audience in the stands were really worried for the Four women of the Chinese team.Going into the last two laps, The Chinese team was still behind and the opponents in front of them gave the Chinese team no chance.At the last minute, Fan kexin made a last-ditch effort to overtake the Canadian and help his team take the bronze medal, risking falling off the track.After the game, Van Kexin kissed the ice.She was asked if this means she will retire after these Games.”How is that possible?I’m 28. I can still fight.I kissed the rink because it was just the beginning and we showed the strength of unity in front of the nation.”Fan Kexin said.China’s short-track speed skating team won gold in the women’s relay event in Vancouver, but failed to reach the podium in Sochi and Pyeongchang.Although fan only won bronze medal this time, but still happy.”The special thing about the short track relay race is that it changes so quickly. Every skater has a chance to overtake on the slide, and no one knows the result until the last line is crossed.The four of us will try our best no matter what position we are in.Fan Kexin said.Talking about her next plans, Fan kexin said that she did not win a gold medal in the women’s 3,000-meter relay at this Winter Olympics, so she will have a chance to win in the next Winter Olympics.”The Chinese short track speed skating team is not afraid of any opponent, only afraid of no opponent.”After the race, Fan Kexin expressed his feelings about the competition at the press conference, and also cheered for Wu Dajing and Ren Ziwei, two members of the Chinese men’s short track speed skating team.Before Fan’s race, Wu Dajing and Ren Ziwei failed to win a medal in the men’s 500-meter short track speed skating event, which opened the competition.”I hope people still believe in us and do not deny our previous achievements.I still believe in Wu dajing and Ren Ziwei, because we are a team and we can bear and accept any result together.”Fan Kexin said.(Reporter Tian Ya)