First explanation hard to hide emotions!Wang Meng: Feel the story behind the game through the screen

2022-06-08 0 By

Beijing Time on February 12, news, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics four gold medalist Wang Meng with commentary successfully out of the circle.China won its first gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics after winning the mixed team relay final in short track speed skating on Saturday night.In the competition, China sent fan Kexin, Qu Chunyu, Ren Ziwei and Wu Dajing to the main line-up.In the second half of the race, the competition between the four teams became more intense. In the last leg, Wu Dajing held the lead in the sprint despite being chased by the Italian competitors.When The Chinese team crossed the finish line first, Wang Meng said in commentary, “Don’t watch the replay, my eyes are rulers!The Chinese team won the first gold medal!”With the line “My eye is the ruler” successfully out of the circle.When Wang Meng was a guest on the program, the host Duan Xuan asked Wang Meng, is this really the first commentary?The host believed that Wang Meng’s state of explanation was the most expected top state of all the commentators, and it was a state of ecstasy.In the host’s opinion, “my eyes are the ruler” is the “eyeball” inside the finishing touch, and “dragon” reflects Wang Meng’s love for short track speed skating from the bottom of his heart. Through the combination of humor and professionalism in the commentary, it affects the attention of everyone watching the competition.Wang Meng also made a supplement to Duan Xuan’s understanding of her explanation. Wang Meng mentioned that it was difficult to control her emotions in the explanation, and her love for the project and the emotion in her heart would come out naturally. She revealed to the audience:”I came from short track, and those athletes were actually my students. They were all students THAT I taught. They were all under my guidance.”In the process of commentary, Wang Meng not only sees the details on the field and the performance of the athletes on the field, but also sees the stories behind them through the field.Wang meng said: “after the 2018 Olympic winter games in pyeongchang, how to prepare each of their four years with hard, first as the host country, first of all, everyone has pressure, at the same time, personal honor also hope to have an Olympic champion, and prepare for the process of his wanted to express in the field of anger, you can see them behind the story.”Wang Meng pointed out that in the process of commentary, most of the audience saw the picture of the game, while I looked beyond the line of sight, so it was difficult to control my emotions and I couldn’t help standing up to do commentary.