Hao Dongmei, good wife and mother Zheng Juan, the female characters in The World are too brilliant

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“The World” is the real world, the five female characters are distinctive, perfect interpretation of the complexity of human nature — Introduction.CCTV’s opening year big drama “The World”, from broadcast to now, the word of mouth is getting better and better, the “content” of the old drama bone is very enough, the actors almost all acting online, coupled with the original structure of the story line is very complete, making this TV drama from the plot to the characters are very plump.There are a lot of things worth talking about in “The World”, and what I deeply understand is several female characters in “the World”. These female characters are very successful and brilliant in the play, and their bright spots and contradictions are worth pondering.One, Zhou Rong some forum netizen, comments zhou Rong like this, “she belongs to love, also belongs to oneself”.Zhou Rong has not been a good child, but her “bad” is a lot of us yearn for, not everyone has the right to act recklessly.Zhou Rong is very lucky, in the family of origin, she is the only daughter, Zhou parents are spoil her, Zhou brothers are let her;Academically, she successfully entered the university, finished her postgraduate studies, and then studied for a doctor’s degree.At love, a marriage of her, chose oneself love, rush recklessly to Feng Turn into, two people also had loved each other truly, her 2nd marriage, chose to love oneself, anyway, CAI Xiaoguang is to wait for Zhou Rong really so many years.Zhou Rong clearly interpreted what is called reliance on pet and arrogant, her life is the only not fit in her daughter Yue Yue body.In fact, Zhou Rong’s personality is a little extreme. She is a self-centered person who can always find the most favorable way of life for herself.As the author of the original work Liang Xiaosheng likes Zhou Rong very much, in the original work, describe her a lot of ink, about Zhou Rong this character evaluation, on the Internet is also very extreme, love her people feel Zhou Rong independent, dare to love and hate, very new youth style, and hate her people, think she is very selfish.Two, Zheng Juan Yin Tao played Zheng Juan, the body has a lot of bright spot, seemingly is a soft and weak dodder flower, actually is vigorous Boston ivy.In the present era, many women are pursuing independence, and there are more and more career-oriented women. The word “good wife and good mother”, in a certain aspect, is no longer a complete compliment, because it is easy to associate with “pleasing personality”.The so-called “ingratiating personality” is willing to pay, not return, only others, regardless of their own character, Zheng Juan is a good wife and mother without quotation marks, she is kind, simple, manage the family, but she did not lose herself.The middle stage of Zheng Juan reminds me of li Xiuzhi, the heroine of the film Wrangler. She is soft in appearance but strong in heart, with her own ideas and thoughts.Zheng Juan this life like robbery, and Tu Zhiqiang married, the results were Luo Shibin bullying pregnant, tu Zhiqiang died soon after;Marry Zhou Bingkun, two people very not easy to manage the life a little hope, the result luo Shibin back to rob the child, Zhou Bingkun accidentally murder in prison;Raise son Zhou Nan eventually big adult, cultivate enough excellent, but Zhou Nan died accidentally however.Total feeling Zheng Juan’s life has been constantly get, and then lost, so actually very cruel.Three, Hao Dongmei Hao Dongmei is the author in “the world” most like a woman, she and Zhou Bingyi between the feelings, as warm as water, perhaps not Zhou Rong rushed to the kind of love without hesitation, but this time static good insipid, also enough to leave indelible traces in people’s hearts.Hao Dongmei is a very good person, she is doing very qualified in every identity, the only rebellious, is in love with Zhou Bingyi, married before she is parents take hand “other people’s children”, after marriage, she is Zhou Bingyi’s good wife, Zhou Bingkun, Zhou Rong’s good sister-in-law.Hao Dongmei and Zhou Bingyi’s love had little passion. At the beginning of their relationship, it was somewhat Platonic, seeking spiritual resonance. They liked to read the same books and talk about their common ideals.Human nature is complex, the plot structure of “The World” is also real enough, in hao Dongmei and Zhou Bingyi this pair of body, also let a person have an illusion, Hao Dongmei is good to Zhou’s family, because she can not be born and zhou Bingyi produced guilt, or because of his love.Zhou Bingyi this husband is also very qualified, know hao Dongmei can not be born, is also very safeguard her, and even the reason not to children down to their own, Hao Dongmei and Zhou Bingyi experience things together, is not less, but in any case, before Zhou Bingyi died, two people did not let go of each other’s hands.In the original story, Hao Dongmei hastily remarried three months after Zhou bingyi’s death, which led to the question of whether they were in love.At the beginning of the story, everyone must have a very good impression of the girl Qiao Chunyan, who can not like a carefree life in light words, simple girl?Qiao Chunyan black, mainly affected by two people, one is Cao Debao, one is Qiao aunt.Youth Qiao Chunyan, is a self-supporting, and good girl, at that time she is a pedicurist in the bathhouse, for the young girl, the job is not decent, but Qiao Chunyan did not complain, but like a small sun warm others.Qiao Chunyan gave the income to qiao aunt, love to Zhou Bingkun, but life seems to be too harsh to her, her mother took her pay for granted, Zhou Bingkun did not respond to her hot love.The combination of Qiao Chunyan and Cao Debao, in today’s terms, is a kind of “collapse of the house” feeling, reference this time and Yanxu Jia announced the love of Zhang Zifeng, her passer-by that two people together is what feeling, see Qiao Chunyan and Cao Debao together is what feeling.The choice and Cao Debao together of this behavior, more like Qiao Chunyan do not know the world and impulse, this did not carefully choose the marriage, let Qiao Chunyan pay the price is also painful.The greater influence of Qiao Chunyan is Aunt Joe, close to the ink is black, Joe aunt zhou family of all kinds of contempt, to later to Qiao Chunyan blow in the wind, imsubtle, Qiao Chunyan became more and more like her mother, so that finally she became a Wolf from the simple swallow, Zhou Bingyi was indirectly killed by her.Five, Sun Xiaoning Sun Xiaoning is a three view of the role is not straight, but this character to everyone’s bad feeling, but also layers of progressive.The original Sun Xiaoning, whether it is to Zhou Bingkun or the audience to watch the play, the image she shows is an innocent little sister, although the bear child really abhorred, but in fact, few will put the bear child’s practical joke on the heart.After Zhou Bingkun developed, he gave good brother Sun Qiaituo, and Sun Qiaituo’s 19-year-old sister Sun Xiaoning arranged the work, Sun Xiaoning fell in love with Zhou Bingkun at first sight, and directly and Zhou Bingkun’s wife Zheng Juan boldly said understand their own ideas.Sun Xiaoning “dare to love” indeed some “know three when three”, but later she was dismissive of Zheng Juan, is the beginning of the formal hate, Sun Xiaoning does not understand zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun that kind of together in the same boat, each other’s feelings, perhaps is not really do not understand, but do not understand.At that time, Zhou Bingkun is sun Xiaoning’s best choice after he failed in the college entrance examination by 6 points. Although he knew each other since childhood, she may not love Zhou Bingkun much.To Zhou Bingkun character, it is he already had the wife that accompanies oneself ups and downs, 2 it is Sun Xiaoning this not conceal love, crossed boundary, appear cheap, sun Xiaoning is opposite zheng Juan endless provocation later, it is to let the audience dislike to her reach peak.The ending of Sun Xiaoning also is not very good, she planted in her vanity finally, she went to the south in the original work, deeply indulge in luxury cannot extricate oneself, finally catch a disease, leave suicide note jump lake suicide.Conclusion “the world” is the ultimate description of life, not a character is dry flat, even if it is just a small role, are flesh and blood, CCTV this year big play, worthy of its introduction of the line of words – in the human fireworks show moral and responsibility, in the feelings and aspirations of the expression.Author: Lemon Blame: CAI CAI