Remember to bring a dollar coin before you leave. It works so well. Learn it

2022-06-08 0 By

Before shopping, we often find some COINS, now basically every household will save the COINS, and mobile payment now also has been very popular, very few people would use the cash, with the COINS in the home, in addition to used to buy things, we actually have some life small tweaks, today small make up teach you a few tips of the coin,Remember to bring a dollar coin before going out. Many people don’t know how to do it. After watching it, learn how to do it.As usual, we go to the supermarket shopping, or go to the market to buy food, always carry a lot of bag to go home, buy what is more, carry on the hand would be heavier, so after every home, we’ll le out a hand above the indentation, red, so you will feel more pain, in fact, we just a one yuan coin,I can easily solve this problem.Every time after we buy too many things, we will feel some hand pain when carrying the bag home. This is because the things are too heavy, and the relationship between the handle of the bag is constricted. When we pick up the bag, the stressed area of the handle of the bag will become smaller, so every time after carrying the bag, the palm will feel pain.Now let’s look at bag, the design of the handle, and usually some larger bag, it is on both sides of the handle of the double layer design, we can now put a dollar coin into it, and then put the side of the coin, and then into the other side of the handle, so that it can increase the stress of the handle area, even if the heavy bag thing, when we picked up the bag,It will be easier, and there will be no strangulation marks on the palm.One yuan coin size, than the pentagon COINS, the area of the dime is bigger, so every time when we use can increase the force area, so normally, we’d better take a one yuan coin out front, so every time we buy things, carrying a bag, can directly use a coin to help.The second use, as usual, we need to twist the screw, just can’t find a screwdriver, then we can directly use COINS to help, if it is some of the bigger of the two screws, then we can use to unscrew the one yuan coin, the coin card into screw groove, twist is also very convenient, can send the screws to screw out easily.If it is some relatively small screws, then we can also use fifty cents to unscrew, when using, but also more handy.Third, we take a wet paper towel, put a dollar coin in the middle of the wet paper towel, and wrap it around it, so that every time we clean some crevices, we can use it to help.As usual, the home refrigerator inside the sealing strip is dirty, we can use it to clean, sealing strip of the gap is small, if we only use dishcloth to clean at ordinary times, can’t simply wipe inside crack, now we use COINS to help, literally wiped a few times, the inside of the sealing gap dirt, can easily be cleaned out, the method is practical.About the use of 1 dollar coin, now we all understand it clearly, when going out with a dollar coin, so that every time we carry a bag, we can use the coin to increase the force area, the palm will not be red.If you can’t find the screwdriver at home, you can also use coins to help unscrew.And when we clean the gap of the refrigerator seal, we can wrap the coin with a wet paper towel and use it to clean. As long as we simply wipe it, the gap inside can be cleaned. The method is more practical.