State Grid Zhijiang County power supply company: can not put the responsibility

2022-06-08 0 By

On January 31, the last day of the Lunar Year of the Ox, a heavy snow caused several high-voltage lines in Huangotang Branch line of 10 kv Nanmu Ping town, Zhijiang County to fail. Luo Yansong, the operation and maintenance staff, immediately began to rush to repair the work despite the snow and snow.This was luo Yansong’s first Spring Festival shift in Nanmu Ping power supply station this year, and also the 15th Spring Festival he spent in nanmu Ping power supply station in a row.He is just over five months away from retirement.The institute had arranged for him to stay at home during the Spring Festival, but Luo said: “This year is my last year at the state Nets, so I have to stand up for my last duty.”No matter in the cold winter or the hot summer, in order to ensure the power supply, he braved the snow, the sun, the wind and rain will always leave his back, it can be said that he is the “light messenger” of hard work.At the same time, he with years of work experience and willing to learn attitude, do work orderly.Over the years, he gave up his small family for everyone, set an example and took the lead, bringing out wave after wave of apprentices.The director of the institute whenever talking about him, will say “he never need me to worry about things, will do very well, dedication, a strong sense of responsibility, strong business skills, high satisfaction of the masses, to our institute set a good example.”Luo yansong said: “The day on duty is full and fulfilling, but I miss my son and his family in Beijing.I have been working at the power supply for so many years that I feel a little guilty for not spending the New Year with my family.”But he added: “This is the basic responsibility of a power supply worker, and it makes me feel secure to stick to my post.”At this point, Luo touched his helmet and his face was full of smiles.(Zheng Yun and Liu Zhang)