Take love as home, pay tribute to “original year person” of clock tower health

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Today the towerHave so a group of medical workers in the clock tower WeiJian system root tower house far from home, home for tower WeiJian cause for you to give up a lot of time with their families in this Chinese New Year is a year apart, they use the telephone of mountains and rivers is missing a year they choose online together across the screen “cloud” happy New Year and they response to a call for a year to stay in the clock tower on the Chinese New Year in the third “of the original”Son, work hard and don’t worry about us!”People: Gong Dingjie, physician in charge of comprehensive Health Department of District Center for Disease Control and Prevention.Holding a baby in one hand and a mobile phone and a video of his parents in the other hand, Gong Dingjie is a public health doctor in the comprehensive Health Department of the District CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention, responsible for vector elimination and other work.Three years on, elderly people in Guizhou can only see their children by video, let alone holding them.Although he was homesick, he knew that he could not leave at this time. There were many people similar to him in the unit. Among the 16 new recruits in the past three years, 10 of them were non-state citizens, and they all worked in other places to guard the health clock tower with their professionals.Since the outbreak, Gong dingjie has been sticking to the front line of prevention and control, taking the initiative to carry the banner of “elimination”.During the local epidemic on November 02, he wore a heavy protective suit and carried a heavy bucket to eliminate every corner.”Son, work hard and don’t worry about us!”Looking at his elderly parents, Gong dingjie fought back tears and said, “Mom and dad, don’t worry. We are all right here.Take good care of yourselves, and as soon as this is over, we will take the children home.””Mom and dad, we can’t be with you again this year for the second-oldest” characters: liu (left), zou district township health centers bligh Yi CGMH JiHui, director of the clinical laboratory (right), director of zou district township health centers cwi is after the outbreak of the third lunar New Year this year, at the time of the reunion lights, liu and JiHui the “couples” from yancheng still stand in a line inspection.During the Spring Festival three years ago, the couple immediately cancelled their plan to return home and rushed to their respective “battlefields” without hesitation to devote themselves to epidemic prevention and control work.I didn’t think of the word “home”. It was three years.Before this year’s Spring Festival, her parents called and told her that they could not go back home again this year. The old woman comforted her and told her to work hard and come back when she had time.Liu Min could only say with tears in her eyes: “Mom, I’m sorry, we can’t accompany your parents for a holiday this year.”Although Ji Hui and Liu Min work together in the laboratory department, they have little time to chat.On the morning of the third day of the lunar New Year, Liu Min helped her husband tidy up his clothes in the dressing room. After a brief “contact”, they separated and put themselves into their work again.”New Year’s day schedule put me on you go home to have a good meal.”Characters: Yuan Xuyan, a general practitioner of lotus Pond Street Community Health Service Center going home for the Spring Festival is a complex in the bones of every Chinese, but for Yuan Xuyan, a doctor at Lotus Pond Center, “going home for the Spring Festival” can only become a wish.Yuan Xuyan from Huainan, Anhui province, her lover from Jining, Shandong Province, they set up a happy family in Changzhou.At the beginning of 2020, when the novel coronavirus outbreak broke out, Yuan Xuyan stuck to her post with her big belly until she gave birth.After childbirth, hearing that the center was short of staff, she took the initiative to end her vacation and participate in the work.This Spring Festival, she and her husband resolutely chose to stay in the Spring Festival, and stick to their posts, to protect the health of more people.”New Year’s day schedule put me on the arrangement, you go home to have a good meal.”Yuan Xuyan said considerately.She had not seen her grandparents since her child was born, and she could only hide her longing for her family in the bottom of her heart after not going home for three years.There is also a group of medical workers this Spring Festival, their closed management or in centralized isolation of medical observation points or in closed loop management hotel can not be reunited with their families “New Year taste” “Dad, go to bed early, take care of the body!”People: Guo Chang, a general practitioner of Xinzha Street Community Health Service Center, at 6:30 am on the third day of the New Year, there were few cars on the road, but Guo Chang had already shuttled around every corner of the bell tower with nucleic acid sampling equipment to take nucleic acid samples of relevant people and the environment.At the end of the day, Guo chang’s voice was already hoarse. He dragged his tired body into the room and found the paper folding that his child had secretly stuffed in his backpack when he left.Remembering his promise with his son, he immediately picked up his cell phone and saw his son’s message, “Dad, go to bed early and take care of your health!”Listening to the son’s tender voice, Guo Chang full of guilt, looking out of the window lights, sent a line of words, “son, I’m sorry, and so on dad came back to accompany you to watch cartoons, at home to listen to my mother’s words, don’t be naughty!””The Year of the Tiger has arrived, wish the country peace and people peace, family peace!”People: Sun Hong, Yonghong Street Community Health Service Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine Teacher on the second day of the New Year, the transfer vehicle of inbound epidemic prevention and control personnel from Kunshan to Changzhou is working as usual.”Doctor, I feel dizzy.”Sun Hong, the doctor accompanying the train, quickly walked to the passengers and said, “Let’s relax. Have you had breakfast today?”After some inquiries, he made a simple treatment for the incoming personnel.After making sure there were no other special circumstances, he looked out of the window, the wind blowing, accelerated his homesickness in his heart.He was heading home, but this time, he was just a passer-by.During the Spring Festival, he went back and forth between Kunshan and Changzhou by car every day, handled emergencies of transshipment personnel and was responsible for the elimination of relevant places.Sun Hong looked out of the window, with regret in the heart, will have edited good wishes, silently issued, “The year of the tiger has come, wish the country peace and people peace, family well-being!”Year is the return journey, but also to adhere to because of responsibility, choose to bear because of love,They are not the only “original young people” who are willing to devote the bell tower to health care. Wang Wei, a “Suzhou boy” from the District Center for Disease Control and Prevention, verified the identity of the staff in the cold chain district in Lingjiatang. Long Haiyan, a “Changzhou daughter-in-law” from the Community Health Service Center in Xilin Street, paid a video New Year’s call to her father in Heilongjiang province after working the night shift on the second day of the New Year”Jiangxi girl” Wang Yunni, zou District town health center bu Yi hospital area, is focusing on the isolation of medical observation points to sort out the isolation of personnel information thank you at this moment to stick to the post of “original year people” with the pace of no return to warm a city, protect a city to be out of the epidemic must go home!Source: Clock Tower Health e home clock tower