Serial plan: Wang Yun offer sable cicada, this plan have what loophole?

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“Re-reading The Three Kingdoms” Season 1 Chapter 18 Hello everyone, I am a reader.Follow me and take you into a different cultural and historical world.Last time we said that Wang Yun introduced his serial plan to Diao Chan, so this time we will look at the first step of wang Yun’s implementation of the serial plan.The day after his secret talk with Diao Chan, Wang Yun made a golden crown and secretly sent it to Lu Bu.Was Wang Yun trying to imitate Dong Zhuo and buy Off Lu Bu with property?Of course not.You should know that Wang Yun was a high official with a much higher status than Lu Bu. He could not take the initiative to visit Lu Bu, so he sent an expensive gift to Lu Bu and threw out bait to lure the big fish to the bait.The ancients said: courtesy on one side only lasts not long.Lu Bu received wang Yun’s gift, and naturally went to thank Wang Yun.Novel wang Yun directly welcomed Lu Bu into the “back hall”, asked him to sit.Please pay attention to the detail “back hall”.Ancient Chinese architecture has a big pattern, which is divided into antechambre and rear hall.The antechamber, which is a relatively public place, receives general guests or talks business, in the antechamber;But if you’re hosting a close friend and you want to talk about something private, it’s usually in the back room.Wang Yun was an old and senior official, but he invited Lu Bu to the back hall and invited him to sit on the throne, which showed his excessive respect for Lu Bu.Lu Bu felt flattered and confused, so he asked Wang Yun as soon as he sat down, “You are a senior official in the imperial court. Why are you so respectful to a little general like me, Lu Bu?”Wang Yun’s answer was very clever. He said, “The world now regards you, General Lu, as a hero. I respect you not because of your status, but because of your talent.”Wang Yun lowered his status and took the initiative to make friends with Lu Bu, and his motives really made people suspect.But when he explained it this way, it made sense.After listening to Wang Yun’s words, Lu Bu’s doubts disappeared and his vanity was greatly satisfied.And he drank happily.The banquet must chat, you guess what wang Yun wants to chat with Lv Bu?In the novel, Wang Yun praised dong Zhuo and Lu Bu’s virtues in front of them.Wang yun praised Lu Bu in front of Lu Bu, it is not strange, but he continued to praise Dong Zhuo, this detail is very meaningful.You can think: if Wang Yun comes up to scold Dong Zhuo ferocity, affirmation can cause lv Bu’s suspicion, do not good Lv Bu still can go to tell dong dot to complain.So the safest way is: want to let Lyu3 bu4 come naturally ground hate to go up dong Zhuo.Before Lv Bu hated Dong Zhuo, Wang Yun could not speak ill of Dong Zhuo casually.When Lyu3 Bu4 drink drink interest is high of time, wang Yun let diao cicada stage.In the novel, it is said that Diao Chan is “colourful makeup”, dressed up especially beautiful, shining out.When Wang yun introduced Diao Chan to Lu Bu, he said she was his daughter and explained that we were as close as if we were very close relatives, so I let my daughter meet you.You know, in ancient China, a man would not casually introduce his wife and children to another man unless that man was his close friend.Wang Yun let his daughter out to see Lu Bu, which shows that he took Lu Bu as one of his own.There is another important detail here, please pay attention to: last time we said, Diao Chan is a geisha, why here, Wang Yun said she is his daughter?Let us continue reading the novel with this question.After sable cicada appears, according to the prior arrangement quickly enters the role, begins to ogle with Lv Bu, Lv Bu is captivated by sable cicada all of a sudden.At this time, Wang Yun took advantage of the situation and proposed to give The diao Chan to Lu Bu as a concubine.But he said, should choose a good time to send the sable cicada to Lv Bu again.Lv Bu, of course, was anxious to take the sable cicada away immediately.But somebody else diao cicada but wang Yun’s daughter ah, can’t secretly give you Lu Bu, always beat the drum, marry?So wang Yun’s arrangement was reasonable, but Lu Bu had nothing to say.But Wang Yun do so, is actually to do a good job for the further implementation of the chain.If sable cicada now let Lv Bu to take away, how does that back play still sing?So, that clears up the question.Wang Yun said diao Chan is his daughter, just don’t want to let Lu Bu immediately take diao Chan.Well, when the wine was finished and Lv Bu was ready to leave, Wang Yun said a word lightly: I wanted to leave you here, but I was afraid that Dong Taishi would be suspicious.This sentence looks simple, but it is not!With this word, Wang Yun turned Dong Zhuo into an obstacle between him and Lu Bu, and even between Lu Bu and Diao Chan.In this way, Wang Yun and lv Bu pulled to a front, Dong Zhuo invisible was pushed away.This meaning does not know Lu Bu have heard out, the novel did not explicitly say, only said Lu Bu repeatedly thanked Wang Yun, left.In this way, Wang Yun perfectly gave a blank check to Lu Bu.Then how could Wang Yun send diao Chan to Dong Zhuo again and create conflicts between Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu?Let’s move on.A few days later, Wang Yun took advantage of Lu’s absence to invite Dong Zhuo to a banquet at his palace.Dong Zhuo happily agreed. After all, it was very respectable to be invited to wang Yun’s home.Please note: This time wang Yun hosted a banquet for Dong Zhuo in the front hall, with more than 100 of Dong Zhuo’s guards standing on both sides.Why didn’t Wang Yun give a banquet for Dong Zhuo in the back hall, just as he had given a banquet for Lu Bu?This was because Dong Zhuo’s status was tai shi and his status was higher than Wang Yun’s. Wang Yun should not be too close to those who were higher than himself, but should show due respect.But there’s no way to talk privately in front of a crowd like this.So, when it was dark and the wine was ready, Wang Yun asked Dong Zhuo to come into the back room.You see, the timing is so important!Night and day are not the same, can say a little whisper;Drinking is not the same as not drinking, drunk drunk, it is easy to get rid of the bondage of identity, etiquette, the distance between people is easier to close.As expected, Dong Zhuo was relieved. One important detail was that he had sent his guards to another place, leaving only Dong Zhuo and Wang Yun in the rear court.At this time, Wang Yun raised his glass and said that he could not say anything in public, and that he would lose his head.He said, “I watched the stars last night, and found that the Han dynasty was exhausted, and that The great Master was so good and virtuous that he could follow The example of Shun accepting Yao’s abdication and Yu accepting Shun’s abdication.”Wang Yun’s words were elegant. To put it bluntly: Let Dong Zhuo take over the Han Dynasty and become emperor himself.This really touched Dong Zhuo’s heart. He was so happy that he forgot himself.This time, Wang Yun again let sable cicada appeared.Please note that this time Diao Chan no longer appears as Wang Yun’s daughter, but has resumed her role as a geisha, performing songs and dances for Dong Zhuo.Dong Zhuo, already a womanizer, was immediately fascinated by Diao Chan’s dancing and singing and could not help praising her.When Wang Yun heard this, he knew that the time had come. He immediately pushed the boat forward and offered to present the Diao Chan to Dong Zhuo.Note that it was only when diao Chan was a lowly geisha that Wang yun was able to give her away immediately as if she were a gift.If she were wang Yun’s daughter, she would be too flattering and beneath her dignity.So, from sable cicada identity change again, we see wang Yun’s overall consideration.These details, not just randomly arranged by the author, are of great significance.In this way, Wang Yun very smoothly completed the first step of the loop.I also want to leave you a question: the first step of the Wangyun loop, there is no loophole?Feel free to join us in the comments section.Next, we’ll talk about diao Chan, the best actress and psychologist in Romance of The Three Kingdoms, and how she goes further.See you next time.The heavenly beauty diao Cicada, although fictional, but very wonderful!Next period: 19 provocative method: Diao Cicada acting welcome to pay attention to, like, comment, forward!See you next time!For more highlights, check out the re-reading of literature and history