The defendant was sentenced to two years, suspended for three years

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Tragedy!!!Wire is not standardized to death qiu and others in the field wire for irrigation, resulting in villagers Wu and Long accidentally electrocuted.After the incident, via multi-mediation, qiu mou and others compensate the victim’s family members for all losses of 1.6 million yuan.The people’s Court in Zhaoping County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, recently sentenced qiu and others to two years in prison, suspended for three years, for negligent death.In May 2021, a professional agricultural cooperative in Zhaoping County contracted the agricultural planting business of the project of replacing dry land with paddy field in Fuluo Town. The business is to transform wasteland into farmland to grow rice, so the farmland needs to be irrigated by pumping water from a nearby river.In order to facilitate electricity pumping, the professional cooperative legal representative qiu mou to the electric power department to apply for a wire to rich luo town sand village axe village near the river section, and hire management staff shell mou, Li mou is specifically responsible for pumping irrigation, rice planting, harvesting and other matters.The water quality of the river near axe village is good, and the villagers of the village often go to the river to fish, catch shrimp and touch snails.In July 2021, qiu and others pumped water from Hanoi every day to irrigate farmland without installing leakage protection switches.In the meantime, the professional cooperative did not conduct relevant education and training on safe electricity use in the field for the hired managers, and did not set safety warning signs or take any safety protection measures within the operation scope.One night in August 2021, villagers long, Wu and other four people went to the river near axe Village to touch stone snails.Longmou caught fish in the river did not enter the water, Wu three people are carrying oxygen bottles into the Hanoi touch snails.Half an hour later, Long noticed something strange: diving into the water wu has no movement for a long time, Shouting Wu’s name did not see the response, it found Wu has been floating on the water, and there is a pump next to the operation.Three people will suspect that Wu may have been electrocuted, desperate, dragon into the water to save, but unfortunately electrocuted into the water.The other two immediately looked for stones to break the power line, dragged Long and Wu back to the shore from the river, and called 120 for help.After long mou, Wu mou classics rescue invalid death.After investigation, that night qiu hired management personnel in the pump pumping operation process, because the home has something not in the whole scene monitoring, resulting in Wu, Long two people electrocuted.Appraisal orgnaization appraisal hind thinks, the electric leakage of pump, wu mou, long mou’s death and qiu mou wait for a person not standard safe operation have direct cause and effect relation.The case through zhaoping county procuratorate review think, qiu mou and others in the foreseeable possibility of leakage and electric shock danger under the circumstances, gullible can avoid, in agricultural operations did not actively take safe use of protective measures, resulting in this accident, its behavior is suspected of negligence to cause death crime.After comprehensive consideration, Qiu and others after the case voluntarily surrendered, confessed punishment, compensation for losses and obtained understanding and other circumstances, this case is a negligent crime, therefore, Zhaoping County Procuratorate to the court put forward qiu and others sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of two years, probation for three years sentencing recommendations.At the same time, after many mediation in the prosecutor, qiu mou in the agricultural professional cooperative and the bereaved family reached a compensation reconciliation agreement, Qiu mou and others to Wu, Long family members paid a total of 1.6 million yuan compensation, family members also said to qiu mou and others to give understanding.After the trial, the court made the above judgment in accordance with the law.Source: Justice Network