A number of products suspected of false publicity “Qiao Park” in the end is what the origin?

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In recent years, influenced by lifestyle and eating habits, the number of obesity has soared year by year.According to data statistics, in 2021, the overweight obesity rate of Adult residents in China has exceeded 50%, the obese population is as high as 300 million people, more than 60 million people are hospitalized because of obesity, more than 3 million people die because of obesity, the scale of China’s weight loss market is about 500 billion!Since the epidemic in 2020, everyone has stayed at home, and weight-loss products and services are in great demand!Many big health programs follow strong markets.Qiaopo Group has also launched a “whole series of fat reduction products”, which includes naked algae burning card meal replacement milkshake and Lightning SO enzyme jelly to “adjust internally and discharge externally”, and is committed to solving the obesity problem of hundreds of millions of Chinese people.So, qiao Park Group is what kind of company?What is its relationship with the “Antao wechat business”?Qiaopo Group products involved in false propaganda?How should the agency system of its company unscramble again?According to qiaopo’s official wechat account, we learned that its registered company is Beijing Yafu Biotechnology Co., LTD.Check according to the enterprise, according to her biological technology co., LTD. Was established in Beijing on September 9, 2015, the legal representative person TongGuangCheng, registered capital of 5 million yuan, actually paid capital 0 yuan, business scope includes technology development, transfer, consulting, service, promotion, goods import and export, technology import and export, import and export agent, sales of cosmetics, based software services,Sales of food, the company’s shareholders and Zhang Yufeng.It is worth mentioning that The historical shareholder of Beijing Yafu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is Wu Shuguang, the founder of Qiaopo Group, but Wu Shuguang withdrew from Beijing Yafu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in April 2019.It is understood that Qiaomao Group is a diversified enterprise integrating brand, media, capital, e-commerce and business school. At the same time, qiaomao Group also boasts as the world’s leading 5G business sharing platform leader, and 17 MCN institutions alliance, hand in hand with the United States gene Joint Research institute and research and development of the whole category of products.And Wu Shuguang is also once popular “Antao wechat business” president, once served as Shandong Antao Biological Technology Co., LTD., Henan Antao Biological Technology Co., LTD. (now cancelled) general manager and shareholder.One of the products of Antao Group is “Antao Oxygen Fairy”. This product has been identified with the label of “development of downline pulling head” 2,051 times in the Pyramid selling complaint platform “Lingkun Financial Risk Inquiry and Reporting Center”.In addition, Wu shuguang is also the founder of micro goods brand xian Ximei, whose products, like Qiaopo’s, are jelly and meal replacement weight-loss products.According to the materials sent by Qiaopo dealers, Qiaopo is mainly engaged in two products, namely naked algae burning card meal replacement milkshake and Lightning SO enzyme Jelly.According to the survey, official promotional materials claim that naked Alga Meal replacement shakes and Lightning SO Enzyme Jelly can reduce body weight.Its official account also promotes the weight loss benefits of these two products.In addition to promoting the effect of weight loss, naked algae Burning card meal replacement milkshake and Lightning SO enzyme Jelly also promote beauty, improve immunity, delay aging, dispel acne and light spots, purify blood, strengthen immunity and SO on.However, according to the investigation, Qiaopo belongs to Beijing Yafu Biotechnology Co., LTD., its trademark registration classification is beer and beverage and food these two categories.At the same time, according to the investigation of JINGdong Mall, naked Zao Ran Ka meal replacement milkshake and Lightning SO Enzyme Jelly are ordinary food, and the license number is SC11344060700195. They are not health care products, SO they cannot be advertised as having any effect.According to the relevant provisions of the State Food and Drug Administration on health food, food with “weight loss” effect shall be classified as “health food”.The National Standard for Food Safety pre-packaged Food Labeling General Rules (GB7718-2011) also stipulates that non-health food shall not express or imply health care effects.At the same time, according to China’s “advertising law” 17 provisions: “in addition to medical, drugs, medical equipment advertising, prohibit any other advertising involving disease treatment function, and shall not use medical terms or easy to promote goods and drugs, medical equipment confused terms.Qiao Park these propaganda means, is also clearly prohibited.According to the law, those who violate the above regulations will be fined between one and three times of the advertising fee. If the advertising fee cannot be calculated or is obviously too low, they will be fined between 100,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan.If the circumstances are serious, they shall be fined between three times and five times the advertising expenses; if the advertising expenses cannot be calculated or are obviously too low, they shall be fined between 200,000 yuan and one million yuan, their business licenses may be revoked, the advertising examination organs shall revoke the documents of approval for the examination of advertisements, and their applications for examination of advertisements shall not be accepted for one year.But in the official publicity, in order to prove that the relevant products have the effect of weight loss, a variety of products through Qiao Park to achieve the goal of weight loss cases are common.The occurrence of the above cases will also involve the use of another person’s name warranty or by means of implication to misunderstand its effectiveness.The personage inside course of study points out, the advertisement of any product ought to be true, legal, must not use other name to assure or suggest product effect misdirect consumer.According to our country “counter unfair competition law” the 24th clause 1 regulation, operator uses advertisement and other method, make misleading false advertisement to commodity, supervise check branch should instruct to stop illegal act, eliminate influence, but according to the circumstance place 10 thousand yuan of above 200 thousand yuan of the following fine.Article 24 (2) of the Anti-Unfair Competition Law stipulates that if an advertising operator acts as an agent, designs, produces or releases false advertisements knowing or should know, the supervision and inspection authorities shall order him to stop the illegal acts, confiscate his illegal income and impose a fine in accordance with the law.Finally, let’s take a look at qiaobo’s current bonus system.According to the dealer Xiaowen (pseudonym) sent information, Qiao Park will be divided into three levels of agents, are nutritionists, total distribution and branch three levels.Nutritionists need to take 12,800 yuan;The total distribution needs to take 38,000 yuan;The branch company needs to take the goods 150,000 yuan, the specific goods taking system is shown as follows: In addition to the above system, the agent team can also get what benefits, the agents sent to the information is also given a detailed interpretation: after becoming qiao Park branch company level agent, the branch company also enjoys the following kinds of rewards:The first is the direct service award, that is, the branch recommends the branch, and the reward is 10%;The second is replenishment award, that is, branch B replenishment, branch A reward 10%;The third is the regional subsidy, that is, 3% of the city, based on the amount of orders that month;The fourth is the cumulative sales award, that is, monthly replenishment ≥ 50,000, 2% reward;Monthly replenishment ≥ 100,000 will be rewarded 4%;Monthly replenishment ≥ 300,000 will be rewarded with 6%;Monthly replenishment ≥ 600,000, 7% reward;Monthly replenishment ≥1 million, 8% reward;Monthly replenishment ≥3 million, 9% reward;10% bonus for monthly replenishment ≥5 million;Monthly replenishment ≥8 million, 11% reward;Monthly replenishment ≥10 million, 12% reward;Monthly replenishment ≥15 million, 13% reward;Monthly replenishment ≥20 million, reward 14%;Monthly replenishment ≥30 million, 15% reward;The fifth is the training subsidy award, that is, branch A recommends branch B, branch A can get 10% of branch B’s bonus (direct promotion + replenishment + team performance).In addition, service providers also have corresponding reward system: the first is the recommendation award, service providers recommend service providers, reward 8%;Service providers recommend branches, 10% reward;The second is the replenishment award, service provider B replenishment, service provider A reward 8%.In recent years, the weight loss market is surging, “a day to lose a jin”, “no exercise diet”, “pure natural plants” “without any side effects” commitment, make all kinds of weight loss products emerge at the right moment.In this context, the new retail and wechat business packaging launched under the weight loss products are not a few.There are individual companies by ordinary food facts to carry out false publicity phenomenon more and more common, especially ordinary food consumers pay attention to health or weight loss psychological false publicity.At present, some regulatory departments have begun to increase the investigation of law enforcement, urging businesses to operate in good faith and law-abiding, and strictly crack down on the illegal operation of functional health food such as weight loss.So, qiaobor Group false propaganda problem can be the company’s attention and rectification?Wu Shuguang founded qiao Park Group how will the future development?In this regard, wechat business e-commerce research will continue to pay attention to.Article source: Wechat business e-commerce research, hereby thank you!