Elegance is no more than bamboo

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Perhaps because of the nature of the heart, since childhood, have a sincere preference for bamboo.I love bamboo not only for its slender and slender pole, but also for its sharp and angular leaves, as well as its charming fragrance, which is sweet and mellow.Bamboo love, my professional also.Tang Wang Wei “Bamboo Pavilion” poem cloud: “sit alone you huangli, play the piano answer long howl.The moon shines on the forest.”The demeanor of a kind of concealed person in that way, the feelings of a kind of free from vulgity in that way, with respect to the leisurely song of the bamboo forest in static deep zhiyuan, bright bright bright moon, it may be said that the confession gets incisively and vividly, beautiful!This reminds me of the “Seven Sages of the Bamboo Forest” in the Wei and Jin dynasties, a group of rebellious and upright literati. Their character and their literary works are so exactly the same.Think of The Three Kingdoms did not go out of the zhuge Liang, its hut is said to be in the quiet and deep bamboo forest, it must be Liu Xuande respectfully invited him to go out of the bamboo forest, he is also willing to enjoy the leisure of the fun as long mu gonggeng happy elegant scholar!The “seven sages of the Bamboo Forest” liked to gather in the bamboo forest to drink and chant poems, which was regarded as the model of the literati of that era.The following book, namely the seven sages of the Bamboo forest exposition is in place, interested friends can consider.Many years ago when I visited xi ‘an Tower.It was a sacred temple of Taoism, but one had to walk through vast bamboo groves before arriving at the temple.The bamboo forest is as big as two thirds of the whole floor view area.Only remember visit, with robin, light bamboo incense, green winds, and bamboo, faint path, interweave, let a person feel as if into a piece of the garden of Eden, if suddenly met, so quiet, so calm, so cool and refreshing, all the earth of any kind of impurity, materialistic and powerful here appear insignificant, like a drop in the bucket, instant disappeared.In it, the mind seems to have been thoroughly washed, purified or deified.To be out of the bamboo forest, have a “mountain and water complex doubt no way, willows and bright flowers and a village” feeling, and at this time, Taoist temple in front of.At that moment, I finally dimly understand: only through this piece of bamboo forest, that earthly heart, and the ancient sage close to a little.Now I still remember clearly that one of the many poems in the depths of the bamboo forest is Wang Wei’s “Bamboo Pavilion”.Originally, bamboo can have such a profound philosophy of life, but also can interpret so rich realm of life.Used to love bamboo, can not say the reason, I think, now, finally can understand some.Are not afraid to joke to say that, for the first time he heard “zhuzhi poems as basic data” say, thought it was a word, then access to the data, just know “zhuzhi poems as basic data” is a popular verse in the tang and song dynasties, tang dynasty bai juyi “whimpering new flower, desolate ancient bamboo” is a perfect interpretation of this verse, liu yuxi and tang dynasty is the leading figure of the verse.Liu Yuxi in his “Bamboo” poem wrote: “Dew polyester lead powder festival, the wind shake green jade branches.Depending on the gentleman, no place is not appropriate.”Is to express bamboo to the world a noble gift of life.And Song Yang Wanli “Chant bamboo” also cloud: “Awe-inspired frost section, xiu Xiu jade snow body.”It can be said that it has the same idea.Wang Wei of the Tang Dynasty has the distant and elegant joy of “the bamboo is noisy, and the lotus is moving the fishing boat”. Bai Juyi of the Tang Dynasty also has the poetic and elegant interest of “the bamboo rustles by the pavilion, and the water murmurs by you”.They are all representative poets of Zhuzhi Ci.Zheng Banqiao of the Qing Dynasty bluntly used “thin leaves, thin sections;Snow pressure does not fall, wind blowing does not break “to express the praise and love of bamboo, can be said to be appropriate.In this way, these wonderful sayings of the ancients not only reflect their talent for independent writing, but also reflect their expectation and pursuit of life, the world and the future, as well as their spiritual belief, all of which are placed on bamboo.Bamboo is a symbol of spirit, an endorsement of character and a confession of sentiment.Often savoring these pure and fresh and beautiful words, masticating the lasting appeal among them, the mood instant can anacreontic rise.Originally, that piece of my deep love of bamboo forest, rooted in more than one of my heart.However, how many busy people living in the world can realize this unique feelings?Occasionally think of big city sends out a fragrance of bamboo rice, will think of delicate flowing out of bamboo tubes, melodious flute or think of the riding on the back of a bull with a tapering bamboo blowing song of the little boy, still be thinking of the modern popular songs plaintiveness “bamboo wind”, and these are too far away, is enough to show that kind of pure, raw bamboo feelings.That is, place yourself in the real bamboo forest, touch the branches and leaves at your fingertips, and taste the comfortable feeling of a different mood.That is far away from the worldly troubles of the bamboo wind……Seven Sages of bamboo Forest