【 I am on post 】 The New Year’s Day does not close the pillow to wait for peace

2022-06-10 0 By

Add happy New Year purplish blue rush to keep warm the hearts of their figure on the post in the alley in the rural areas in the fields in the white snow beginner’s mind is still campaigning for safeguarding wanjiadenghuo their mission to protect the people still ankang and stick to them is to protect the people’s police of peace they are beside you bijie public security during the Spring Festival, QianXi police careful organization and planning in advance,Tighten responsibilities, refine measures, strengthen prevention and control work, refine prevention and control areas, further strengthen emergency response capacity, and comprehensively upgrade the level of work, so as to ensure that people have a safe and stable New Year’s Day.Nayong Spring Festival every year, for people is reunion, is happy.However, there is such a group of people, every Spring Festival, they still stick to their posts, patrol in the streets, stick to the grassroots line.Peace is their greatest wish.Spring Festival I am on duty, nayong public security is at your side!Jinhai Lake forge ahead, brave and resolute.During the Spring Festival, the police of Jinhaihu stick to their posts and fulfill their duties, earnestly implement all work measures to maintain national political security and social stability, and strive to create a safe and stable social security environment for people to celebrate the Festival.100 mile cuckoo for the people to have a peace of mind happy year, 100 mile cuckoo public security with ordinary stick, interpretation of the people’s public security for the people’s purpose, with action to stick to the post, protect peace.”New Year” is “year” gift to everyone “New Year” we send away “year” way “New Year” is the younger generation to elders blessing “pressure” is the old man to children’s prayers and “hold” and “watch” is bijie public security is our New Year gift to everyone