Infinitus Boss’s new book we Are Greater than Me: The journey begins now

2022-06-10 0 By

At the 2022 Infiniband Global Annual Conference, Mr. Li Huisen, the boss and chief Intangible Officer of Infiniband, introduced the contents of his new book “We Are Greater than Me” to his partners watching live online through video.If you look at this book, you will find that it is rewarding to change the way we look at problems. We can get out of the “self-centered” perspective and see the present situation and future more clearly. This is the basic concept of “we > ME” advocated by Infinitive Boss.In the book, we share some personal stories of infinitesio bosses, and you can see how the “we > I” mindset covers all aspects of life, how it has evolved and been practiced, and how it has inspired us to lead a happier life.Infinitus boss once said, when everyone is using guns, if we only know how to use knives, we can’t win.Just think about it, in this era of mobile Internet, more than 1 billion people are online in China, and almost all enterprises are on the online layout. If we only stick to the offline, how much opportunity will we miss?Therefore, keeping up with the development of The Times, learning and mastering new knowledge, technology and tools with The Times, is the basic skills we must have.No matter how powerful a gun is, it’s just a piece of scrap metal for a man who can’t pull the trigger.In other words, no matter how powerful and complete a new tool is, it doesn’t matter if we don’t learn to use it and try to use it.Only through continuous trial and application can we gradually bring into play the power of new tools and technologies and transform them into our own “combat effectiveness”.Infinitus boss Lee Huisen hopes people will enjoy the book.You can also recommend them to friends around you, so that more people can join in the journey to happiness and enjoy the beautiful world created by “we are greater than I”.