Is major admitted order or according to result?

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Major is admitted according to you fill in for school and professional volunteer begin from the first school admit, from the first begin until your achievement accords with the requirement of the school.Fill in when applying for a volunteer must a bit more carefully, blunt the school that has hope to admit is put most in front, it is oneself the major that likes most next.Many students assume that the better their grades are, the better the school they are admitted to must be.This is only half true.Volunteer well, and you’ll be happy with the results.Because there is not a limit for every school, as long as you reach this limit you will be admitted.But delimit the number of people, for example, I only need 50 people in a computer major, so the 50th grade is the limit of this major.Some people think their grades may not be admitted, so they will not choose to fill in that subject.No one knows what’s going on until we get the results.Therefore, it is very important to fill out the volunteer according to the admission situation of past years.It is very important to fill in the order and results of the volunteer, volunteer to fill in their own strength as the basis.Try to get yourself admitted to the best majors at the best schools with the lowest grades.Only in this way can you count all your gaokao scores.Therefore, the first choice is often filled in some of their own efforts a little more can be admitted to the school.Then the second choice is the school with a high probability of being admitted, and the last choice is safe.In case the previous volunteer was not admitted to the final can only choose to make up or re-read.