The little details that make a woman instantly move

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Women are animals that pay attention to small details, to get the good impression of a woman, must be careful, exquisite, do a good job of casual small details, women will like you.I sorted out some common small details between lovers, although very simple, but there are a lot of men do not pay attention to, keep in mind more, off the single quickly.Help a woman take things when you and a woman date shopping, a woman’s hand carrying bags, a woman’s hand to buy goods, you should actively help to take, let a woman wholeheartedly go shopping, do not need to consider the weight of goods and fear of loss.Buy food to want to open package for the woman first for instance you are thirsty outside, bought two bottles of mineral water, you must open the bottle cap, pass to the woman again.For example, if you are going to have a barbecue with your date, the man should offer to grill the meat with tongs. When the meat is cooked, he should put it on the woman’s plate.When you eat crayfish, peel the shrimp for a woman and put the meat on her plate.For example, if you two call to set up a date place, you should never let a woman come to you. Instead, you should go to her and let her pick the place.Whether you two are chatting on wechat or on the phone, you must let the woman hang up first when you hang up the phone. This is a sign of respect for her.Men’s mobile phones to do clean men’s mobile phones if there is a history of chatting with the opposite sex, we must always delete the chat history, unless important customers chat important information can not be deleted.Women are narrow-minded, if which day accidentally turn over your mobile phone to check you, you can also achieve a clear conscience, magnify the mood.I know a lot of guys don’t like to wear a scarf, and I don’t like to wear a scarf either, but this scarf is a prop for you to put on a woman in an act.If you see a woman without a scarf, just untie her scarf and put it on her. She will warm her heart.Original author @ Northeast leng Tou Qing