What is the way out for a poor boy?

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Product | pure smile (ID: keeppuresmile) recommended reading: “you must be very poor so spell, home” out of the mountain and then the last topic to chat, didn’t read the article friend yesterday, you can click on the above link to know about the background.When the taxi brother asked me how to get out of here, my daughter-in-law and I laughed and did not know how to reply.The driver said that there were only two ways for rural children to get out of the mountains, one was to become a soldier, the other was to go to college.The taxi driver is in his 40s and should be a local. What he says has some truth, but it hardly fits the current rural situation.If he had said this 20 years earlier, it would have been true.At present, the treatment of soldiers is also very good, and there are many welfare policies after retirement, but only a small number of people are covered.The most important thing is that it is difficult to talk about changing fate, but can only say that through this way, disguised to the system of home life.Reading taxi driver brother, at least half right, reading is indeed the best way to change the fate of rural children, there should be no “one”.Since my time (80), the average slightly normal family, to the education of children are very important, it can be said that the whole family is exhausted.For example, when my sister and I went to college, we not only borrowed money from our relatives and friends, but also got student loans and subsidies from the state.But objectively speaking, this approach is also slowly a bit off.University enrollment expansion is very big, now basically as long as you want to go to school, there is no school can not go to, but part of the school tuition is very expensive.The cost of going to a university is 30,000-40,000 yuan a year, and 100,000-200,000 yuan will be needed after 4 years, and they are not good universities.Moreover, a large part of the students in these schools are from rural areas, because after all, the education resources in rural areas are relatively backward, and the difficulty of getting into a good university has increased exponentially.And after these students graduate, it is more and more difficult to find a job.Therefore, the corresponding situation is that the number of civil servants and postgraduate examination applicants in the past two years has repeatedly hit new highs.Although these facts are objective existence, I still want to say: at present, reading is still the fairest and best way to change the fate, not one of them, especially for rural children.It’s not that college can teach us anything. The most important thing is that it can broaden our horizons and let us know that there are so many choices in life.Because in the countryside, there is no choice at all.I once said that your level of development is the average of the five people closest to you.To use the most unreliable metaphor, I don’t believe that if you were a friend of Obama, you would be on the same level as the average person.If you don’t get out there, the choices of the people around you are limiting you.Because the majority of rural people’s choice range, basically in farming, working, delivery, open a variety of small business shops and so on.The ceiling on growth has been set.Reading opens up our world and gives us the right to choose. Knowing that there are so many possibilities in the world makes it easy to set our own goals.Once people have a goal, it is not easy to go astray, but also easy to go to the end.Change my fate and combine it with my own experience.There were 3 most important choices in my life that changed my life, and those 3 choices alone have brought me here.I would also like to add that there are many choices in our lives, all of which may be important, but the choices that change our destiny are actually very few, often only a few.If you go wrong, it’s a different life, and it’s almost impossible to fix.The first choice that changed my fate was to go to college.I was 18 years old that year and had never been outside a small county. It was the first time I had been to a small city. I could hardly tell the north, south, and west from each other.But just because I went to college, it opened up my spiritual world to know that there are so many possibilities.The second choice to change my destiny is to become a programmer after graduation. As the saying goes, men are afraid of entering the wrong industry, women are afraid of marrying the wrong man. Until now, I have a deep understanding of this saying, if I go to another industry, I may not have so many opportunities.After all, individual choices are tied to the tide of history.If it were not for the 20 years of rapid development of The Internet in China, how could we ordinary people have the opportunity to work, obtain employment, or even earn high salaries?And for girls, it’s so important.Choosing a different husband will bring you a completely different life. Finding a husband is really very important, so choose carefully.The third fateful choice is to drift north.Beijing is the center of The Internet in China. Only here can I have so many choices and catch up with the craze of Internet finance.From a programmer to a technical manager, I met two good leaders and held almost all r&d positions.Because I have experienced so much, I started to share my own story, do we media, freelance work, and now have my own small business.Three choices that changed my life.Rural children want to change their fate, is to grasp the most critical choices in life, sometimes even desperately desperate to seize.Because, opportunity for us, very few!Of course, many choices in life may only be realized when looking back a few years later that the choice was crucial and important to life.Such as whether to study, first career, which city to work in, what kind of partner to look for, when to get married and so on, at that time, it was also an ordinary decision in an ordinary day.So, thanks to my country and fate, I’m lucky.Be thankful for the road I’ve traveled, the people I’ve met, and all that I have.So be grateful, take every opportunity we can, and grow upward. 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