What’s the cheapest way to hire

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While hiring takes a lot of money, there are ways to save money.Most small businesses are constrained by capital, can’t spend much on job ads, and have limited ability to offer high salaries to attract talent.So, you might as well try the following ways to save money.1.Encourage employees to find employees Employees recommend people with skills and experience to the organization.The system is popular with the American business community.Companies implementing the system believe it is the most efficient way to hire workers.It can not only reduce recruitment costs, but also reduce employee turnover.An American company specializing in software development, with $20 million in assets and 400 employees.Sixty percent of employees are recruited through “employee recruitment strategies,” and the company’s attrition rate is just 3 percent.Typically, employee referral systems offer rewards.Once the employee recommended by the employee is hired, the company will reward the recommender immediately.Rewards come in many ways, most of which are to give items or reward holidays.The researchers analyzed the main reasons for the popularity of the system, which can not only obtain high-quality talent, but also improve employees’ awareness of the overall interests of the enterprise, improve morale and reduce staff turnover 2.Sharp Smith, based in Dayton, specializes in woodworking machinery.They found a way to solve the long-standing problem of hiring people who understand the capabilities of our products.Whenever the company’s boutique is understaffed or needs staff for a new store, it sends letters or postcards to customers who live nearby, informing them that the company is looking for managers and part-time workers.Although an average of 3,000 letters or postcards are sent each time, the savings are at least 30 percent compared to the cost of advertising in local newspapers.It’s a good deal.The company hired all the temporary workers it needed and a few managers in this way, and “it was their dream job” for the loyal customers it hired.When it comes to finding the best people to expand your business, you might as well use the HUMAN resources departments of many companies, they are despised.They will send you resumes of temple staff in our unit for free.Not only are maintenance workers hard to find, but there are also special talents who specialize in product development.Many operators believe that temporary workers cannot work hard;Or hiring temporary workers doesn’t improve their industrial performance, etc.In fact, this is wrong.With the development of economy, it is more and more difficult for retail and service industries to employ ordinary permanent staff.Therefore, it is imperative to hire temporary workers to meet business needs.In the process of using temporary workers, we can cultivate and develop some useful talents and appropriately transform them into regular workers.In fact, many businesses are regular workers.It was chosen from a pool of temporary workers.In many domestic and foreign companies, the number of people working eight hours a day is decreasing, while the number of temporary workers working three to four hours a day is increasing.If they are well integrated, there is no time to run 10-12 hours a day, which is especially important for services.Develop talent from within.At Mary Kay, their principle was to promote from within.If companies have the right people, they don’t usually look outside for talent.When a position becomes vacant, the department head will formally send the job conditions to the Personnel department.The hr department posts relevant information on the bulletin board in every office, and every employee in the company has the right to apply, regardless of the applicant’s original job.Anyone can apply if they are not satisfied with their old job or think they are capable of doing the new one.All applicants are interviewed by the personnel department.Sometimes 10 people apply for a job opening.Only after internal applicants have been interviewed and carefully considered will the company look for talent from outside.This usually happens when the company decides it can’t find the right person internally.It is usually a very specialized position, such as chemical engineer, microbiologist, lawyer, etc.The new positions went to the company’s original employees.