Yucheng father and daughter, concentric for the Winter Olympics

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On February 4, the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games was held smoothly. With the ultimate romantic expression unique to the Chinese people, it perfectly demonstrated to the world that China is an open, confident, inclusive, cooperative and win-win country.In order to ensure the smooth holding of the opening and closing ceremonies and other major events of the Winter Olympic Games, countless people have worked tirelessly at their posts, braving the cold weather, striving for perfection and quietly making efforts to bring together China’s strength for a perfect Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.Today we want to talk about the hero Sun Xingbo, Sun Tianyi father and daughter two people is one of countless people.Sun Xingbo, the father, is the operation and maintenance supervisor of China Unicom Yucheng Branch, responsible for the maintenance of the lines and equipment of China Unicom Yucheng during the Winter Olympics, ensuring the safety and unblockage of communication, network and TV signals.In order to ensure that the communication guarantee of the Winter Olympics is foolproof, Sun xingbo and his colleagues have made full preparations for rain and snow weather, traffic, construction accidents, power outages and other emergencies, and have prepared perfect countermeasures.During the Spring Festival holiday, Sun Xingbo and Yucheng Unicom operation and maintenance mouth 26 staff day and night, on duty all day, 24 hours guard line inspection, equipment maintenance line, to ensure uninterrupted communication, signal smooth.Her daughter, Sun Tianyi, is a graduate student of Renmin University of China. She was selected as a volunteer of the Winter Olympic Games and worked with her friends to maintain the order of spectators entering and entering venues.Since December 8, 2021, when they were officially selected as volunteers for the Winter Olympic Games, the university has organized many online and offline centralized training sessions for volunteers, so that each volunteer can accurately master the code of conduct and be familiar with the requirements of volunteer positions.Catering, accommodation, clothing, supplies, transportation and other logistics work is meticulous, do the volunteers the strongest backing.On the evening of January 22, Sun Tianyi also watched the last full process rehearsal of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics with volunteer representatives, and deeply felt the power of the people and the greatness of the motherland.”Stand up to their respective posts, to jointly protect the safety of the Winter Olympics is the most difficult task of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, we must not make any mistakes.”Although they live in Yucheng and Beijing, they often communicate with each other and encourage each other.Now the Winter Olympics events are in full blossom, father and daughter are still in their respective posts to stick to the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival although not reunited, but for the safety of the Winter Olympics, for the honor of the motherland, the experience of fighting side by side will always be engraved in the hearts of the father and daughter.Source: Dazhong