Beauty cried so sad, in the end is who bullied her?

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Beauty cried so sad, in the end is who bullied her?Look at her crying with her face in her hands, how pathetic she looks everywhere!Don’t you feel bad?If you were a man, you wouldn’t bully beautiful women like that.What makes a man bully a beautiful woman?There is a poem to prove: the five laws • Beauty crying pearls hanging on cheeks, cage eyes mist wandering.Jade hands cover their faces, and their hearts weep.Pity I have hate, to persuade me no talent.Who does not hesitate to this charming woman?The beautiful woman cried.You see, crystal tears like pearls hanging full cheeks, eyes emerge a layer of white water mist.Her white hands covered her face, her shoulders shook, and she cried so bitterly!I should sympathize with her grievance. I wanted to persuade him, but I had no eloquence.Who on earth does not know how to pity such a delicate woman?We live in this world will experience all kinds of setbacks, meet all kinds of troubles, sometimes the psychological capacity is not enough will cry.Women, in particular, are more vulnerable by nature, and tears are common.It is very painful for a beautiful woman to cry, and no real man should remain indifferent.This poem is a delicate description of the crying beauty’s movements and voice, the language is concise and clear.Would you still be picking on a poor girl after seeing this?