Do not operate “partition hill” kill tumor, a week or so restore normal life, is a kind of how to treat method technology after all?

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Cancer is a very heavy word for human beings.According to the global Cancer Statistics Report in 2020, the number of new cancer cases in the world in 2020 is about 19.29 million, and the number of new cancer cases in China is about 4.56 million, accounting for 23.7% of the world.In recent decades, both the incidence and mortality of cancer in China have been on the rise, and it has become a common and major disease that seriously affects human health.Li Dabo (pseudonym), 70, is frail and has suffered from coronary heart disease for years.When I went to the second Hospital of Zhejiang University for examination, I also found a mass beside the heart of the right lung, which was diagnosed as early lung cancer.The old man wanted surgery, and the family was worried.The doctor considered uncle Li’s health is not good, and there is a serious coronary heart disease, there is a greater risk of surgery.After tumor specialist multidisciplinary team consultation, zhejiang university second hospital radiotherapy department professor Wei Qichun team in combination with the practical situation of patients, after careful discussion, decided to adopt new investment in the center of the riverside campus radiotherapy using linear accelerator, in patients with deep inspiration breathless and combination of optical surface tracking for stereotactic radiotherapy.Uncle Li only need five radiotherapy, do not need to be hospitalized, completed treatment within a week.Why can choose stereotactic radiotherapy to Li Uncle?For patients with early-stage lung cancer, stereotactic radiotherapy can be as effective as surgical treatment without anesthesia and without the risk of surgically related bleeding and infection.It is especially suitable for elderly, infirm and patients with complications.Stereotactic radiotherapy, also known as stereotactic ablative radiotherapy, is the ablative treatment of tumors using radiation.The biggest characteristic is “noninvasive”, it is like a pair of invisible laser scalpel, to kill cancer cells, like surgical resection, stereotactic radiotherapy using rays to reach the purpose of precise “resection” tumors, well protected from the tumor area of organ function, avoid the risk of surgery related complications and,Kill tumor without affecting body appearance and organ integrity, good effect and small side effects, so that patients maintain a good quality of life.Another characteristic of STEREOtactic radiotherapy is its “short course of treatment”. Stereotactic radiotherapy is usually treated 1-5 times, and the whole treatment can be completed within 1 week.The vast majority of patients can return to normal life immediately after treatment, and the treatment process can be carried out on an outpatient basis, rather than requiring hospitalization.On February 15, 2022, good news came from the Binjiang Area of the Second Hospital of Zhejiang University. The radiotherapy Center of the hospital officially opened. In the future, more tumor patients who are not suitable for surgical treatment at the age of Li Uncle will benefit here.Binjiang Radiotherapy Center is a very elegant garden building, located in the south of the east gate of Binjiang Hospital, where radiotherapy patients can get one-stop service.The elevator of radiotherapy Center goes directly to the machine room, and the bright and spacious hall, service desk, waiting area and self-service machine come into sight first. The functions here are booking, waiting, payment, health education and other services.Patients can complete one-stop radiotherapy services such as registration, modeling, CT positioning, reduction, payment, waiting and treatment in radiotherapy center, which is simple, clear and convenient.It is particularly worth mentioning that the TrueBeam “fast Light knife” tumor radiotherapy system, a new generation of linear accelerator in the world, was officially put into clinical use in the Radiotherapy Center of Binjiang Hospital of the Second University of Zhejiang.It is a new generation of linear accelerator designed with new technologies, and its precision has reached unprecedented sub-millimeter level. Its core characteristics of precision and efficiency make the equipment suitable for a variety of radiotherapy technologies, and suitable for the treatment of different diseases, greatly improving the speed and accuracy of tumor treatment.Zhejiang university professor Wei Qichun director 2 radiation oncology department were introduced, the accelerator leafy grating core components of the industry’s most thin, only 2.5 mm, while the thickness of the industry in the conventional accelerator is 5 mm to 10 mm, can truly achieve the fine radiation therapy, can better improve the target OuDeShi degrees, and to reduce damage to the surrounding normal organs.The advanced accelerator of Binjiang Radiotherapy Center has greatly shortened the treatment time of patients.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: