Taste Zunyi jian Shu | Beijing Smoke Tree

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“Beijing Smoke Trees” by Hou Lei Publishing House: Beijing October Literature and Art Publishing House “Eight Scenes of Yanjing” includes “Jimen smoke Trees”, referring to the ancient city of Beijing’s former City of Jicheng, the dense trees on the walls, like fog and smoke.Hou Lei, the author, turned it into the title of the book, “Beijing Smoke Tree”, hoping to tell the changes of the world, taste human changes, and think of the past.The book is a collection of essays with strong regional colors, as well as a book about daily life in Beijing.Raymond is the offspring of old Beijing, in a series of memories, he identified the hutong, JieMianEr river’s lake, emperor city and their life, their rise and fall of a photo studio, the changes of the east market, the central axis of the sides of the past will be peddled echoes of the hutongs, DE jong old shadow of film, beiping showers are dense, GUI jie street subway outlets, these one hundred years of color to depict the fragrance,It shows the human fireworks of Beijing in the eyes of a post-80s young writer.Along with the text, there are 31 frames of exquisite illustrations by two Beijing artists, which retain the style of many hutongs before they were demolished, and blend the elegant nostalgia into the elegance of color ink memory.”Beijing Smoke Tree” was published in January 2022 and received a rating of 9.6 on Douban Reading: Yuan Hang