This year, Chongqing will build itself into an important national advanced manufacturing center

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The industrial added value above designated size will increase by about 6%, and the industrial investment will increase by about 7%. These are the “big target” set for the city’s industrial economic development this year, and the “small target” in the process of building Chongqing into an important national advanced manufacturing center.How to do that?”Strengthening the concept of innovation, promoting double chain coupling, and improving the five capabilities will be the ‘highlight’ of the city’s industry and information work this year.”February 21, chongqing Daily reporter interviewed the head of the municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission for understanding.”Innovation is the primary driving force for development. It is also a key support for upgrading basic industrial capabilities, modernizing industrial chains, and accelerating the building of a modern industrial system.”The person in charge of the municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission said that Chongqing will accelerate the leap of industrial development from factor input driven to technological innovation driven, with industrial innovation to enhance survival, reform and innovation to enhance competitiveness, open innovation to enhance development, collaborative innovation to enhance sustainability, through scientific and technological innovation to shape new advantages of development.To this end, grasp the innovation ability to ascend, chongqing this year will focus on “three for” science and technology innovation strategy source – built a new engine, through enhancing strategic science and technology, colleges of synergy, such as industrial technology innovation platform, enhance the applied basic research and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and technical iterative upgrade ability, promote innovation chain and industrial chain interweave together, end to end,To form a source of scientific and technological innovation and a highland of high-tech industrial clusters.New benchmarking, build a modern industrial system with science and technology of traction industry high-end, greening, intelligence, integration development, promote the industrial chain, chain, supply chain and value chain and chain innovation “fusion” five chain, promote industry development from resource dependent to innovation-driven transformation, from extensive high carbon to the green, low carbon transition, from scattered inefficient to intensive and efficient shift.We will build a new concentration of innovation factors, strengthen the role of enterprises as the main players in innovation, encourage the concentration of various innovation factors in enterprises, and form an industrial innovation system in which enterprises play the leading role, the market is the guide, and enterprises, universities and research institutes are deeply integrated. We will promote the free flow and efficient allocation of innovation factors such as personnel, capital, technology and information.We will promote coordinated development of the real economy, scientific and technological innovation, modern finance, and human resources.Since the beginning of last year, Chongqing has systematically sorted out 33 key industrial chains, such as integrated circuits and new-type displays, and carried out layout based on the key direction of the city’s industrial development. Chongqing has continued to rebuild the industrial foundation and upgrade the modernization level of the industrial chain and supply chain.”This year, we will deploy the innovation chain around the industrial chain, layout the industrial chain around the innovation chain, and form a ‘double chain coupling’.”The person in charge of the city commission said.Deployed around the industry chain innovation chain, will focus on the implementation of “the four project”, including matrix system engineering research institute, the construction of chongqing high-tech industry research institute, mainly to undertake all kinds of scientific research achievements transformation, start-up incubation transfer, promote the districts and counties to establish new and high technology industries research branch, is responsible for the selection of scientific research achievement, and offered hatching breeding research institute;The industrial design ability improvement project, the implementation of market main body expansion, professional talent introduction and education, carrier platform cultivation, design ecology construction, brand activities and other special actions, the new cultivation of municipal industrial design center more than 30;Advanced manufacturing cultivation project, focusing on automobile, electronics, equipment manufacturing, medicine, materials, consumer goods and other industries;The strong chain innovation project of manufacturing industry focuses on introducing innovative resources and talents such as well-known scientific research institutes, key universities and innovation platforms in key industries, and implementing the special action of “Grasping projects and stabilizing investment” to ensure that the added output value of new investment (reach) projects is over 130 billion yuan.To lay out the industrial chain around the innovation chain, “three systems” will be established, including the establishment of scientific and technological achievements “breeding” system, the introduction of special action plan to promote the high-quality development of “specialized and innovative” small and medium-sized enterprises, action plan for the construction of key industrial parks and other measures, and more than three municipal manufacturing innovation centers will be built.The establishment of specialized and special new “seedling” system, the annual cultivation of municipal “specialized and special new” 300 enterprises, speed up the formation of a batch of high-tech enterprises and high-tech industrial clusters;The system of “cultivating talents” for industrial chain groups should be established to cultivate a number of “leading enterprises” in automobile, electronics and equipment industrial chains, and a number of “hidden champions” enterprises in integrated circuits, new displays and other emerging industrial chains.Promote the development of the five capabilities to serve the development of enterprises to promote the high-quality development of industrial economy, the key is in the industry, the key is in the enterprise.This year, the city will form a development atmosphere in which industries “compete with strength” and projects “talk about heroes”, build effective mechanisms and teams to grasp the industry, continue to optimize the business environment around the industrial chain, and escort the development of enterprises with precise policies and considerate services.To this end, the city will focus on improving the “five capabilities”, including enhancing the capacity for coordinated development, promoting the “six stability” and “six guarantees”, and promoting the integrated development of large, medium and small enterprises and regional coordinated development.We will enhance our capacity to transform intelligence into data, promote digital industrial empowerment, digital industrialization and the construction of new infrastructure.Enhance green development capacity, promote low-carbon industry, decarbonization of production, and low-carbon energy;We will enhance the supply capacity of factors of production, strengthen the alignment of financial supply and demand, human resources supply, innovation resources supply and energy factors supply.We should enhance comprehensive service capabilities, fully understand the development needs of enterprises, especially small, medium and micro enterprises, solve the difficulties in enterprise development, speed up the construction of small and medium-sized enterprise clusters, and form “clusters with parks and chains”.