To support rural education, it has recruited 17,966 teachers for special posts

2022-06-11 0 By

According to the Education Department of Henan Province, the province will recruit 17,966 teachers for special posts in 2021, 2,966 more than the original task.It is the largest recruitment of special post teachers in Henan over the years and the largest recruitment of special post teachers in China in 2021.A total of 171,000 teachers have been recruited in Henan since 2009, injecting new vitality into rural schools.According to statistics, at present in henan township and below rural schools, the proportion of teachers with special post service experience reached 30%, body and sound beauty, English, labor education and other weak disciplines in short supply teachers have been effectively supplemented.With the gradual improvement of the remuneration of rural teachers, college graduates have become more and more enthusiastic in serving the grassroots and applying for rural teachers, effectively improving the age structure, educational background structure and discipline structure of rural teachers.In addition, In 2021, Henan province issued the task of building 7,000 sets of revolving dormitories for rural teachers.By the end of last year, 7,587 revolving dormitories for rural teachers had been built, exceeding the annual target.Over the past 10 years since the implementation of the rural teacher turnover dormitory project in Henan province, more than 60,000 units of rural teacher turnover dormitory have been built, which has solved the accommodation problem for about 120,000 rural teachers who have special posts, volunteer teaching and those who live far away from home, making an important contribution to stabilizing the ranks of rural teachers and improving the quality of education in rural areas.Editor: Wang Jieyu