Traffic police in Harbin are carrying out escort missions for the Winter Olympics as helicopters patrol high speeds to crack down on traffic violations including drunk driving

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On the evening of February 4th, the opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games will be held in Beijing. The traffic police department of Harbin Public Security Bureau pays close attention to the four battlefields of “expressways, national and provincial roads, rural areas and main urban areas”, and more than 1,000 police officers stand fast to ensure the safety of bingcheng Road.Cruising helicopter clearings escort of Harbin city traffic police departments around the “highway, GuoShengDao, rural and urban area” four big battlefield, strengthen the key period for key parts, key sections, controls and many measures simultaneously, resolutely prevent group die group of injury of road traffic accident and long, long distance, a wide range of traffic congestion, provide powerful guarantee citizens safe smooth travel.On 4 February morning, Harbin city public security bureau traffic police department sent two helicopters cruise work, within an hour and a half to the city’s ha with high-speed, high-speed, large, ha zhao toll station and urban area highway bridge, wanbao avenue, such as the main, ice and snow world scenic spots surrounding a detailed inspection, such as scheduling command.At the same time, the traffic police department adopts the duty mode of combining fixed duty with police patrol, video patrol and dynamic patrol, and intensifies the duty deployment of key areas such as commercial areas, tourist attractions, railway stations, passenger stations, toll stations in and out of the city, and epidemic prevention and control checkpoints in the daytime.At night, the patrol and control of traffic accidents-prone areas, urban and rural fringe areas and key intersections should be strengthened to prevent traffic accidents.Crack down on traffic violations to eliminate hidden dangers Traffic police departments organized the urban areas under the jurisdiction of the brigade and the county and city police linkage on duty, continue to carry out traffic violations rectification action.In the urban area, while forcefully standardizing the static traffic order around the business circle and scenic area in the urban area, the traffic police department carried out 24-hour control mode, and intensified the crackdown on serious illegal activities such as drunk driving, drunk driving, licensing, overcrowding and overloading.In view of the county area, strictly the toll station, national, provincial road, township road, the path to snow, ski resort tourism scenic area, give full play to the rural “two standing member”, “one village one auxiliary police”, focus on market, weddings, temple fair folk activities such as key period, the key sections, in time for the bus, rural van, large trucks, motorcycles, and other key vehicles,Three over one fatigue, illegal occupation of emergency lane, illegal operation of passenger vehicles, trucks carrying people and other traffic violations will be punished to ensure the safety of the masses.In addition, the traffic police department also strengthens the linkage cooperation with meteorological, urban management, transportation and other departments to ensure that in case of emergency, they can quickly pull, quickly assemble and quickly deal with the occurrence of severe weather, traffic congestion, production safety accidents and other emergencies at any time.Source: Harbin News Gaoyang reporter: Sun Ying editor: Ma Yunpeng