What is the sysmain service

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Sysmain services are designed to improve Windows performance by pre-loading our frequently used applications into RAM before we need to use them.Its old name was Superfetch, and it was a Windows system process with multiple names over the years.Later, in windows10, the name was changed to sysmain.How does Sysmain work?The service runs in the background (using very little CPU resources) and analyzes how much RAM we are using and which applications we are running most often.Any application that the service identifies as “frequently used” will start preloading the application into RAM.This way, the next time we run the application, it will start faster.Some might worry that this means Sysmain is running out of RAM, but it’s not.This service focuses on preloading applications into unused RAM.This is not registered as consumed memory.We can see this if we open the task Manager to the processes TAB and look at memory usage.Should we stop using it?In general, you do not need to stop sysmain.It uses a very small amount of CPU and uses only unused RAM.All of this is not obvious to the average user.How to Disable Sysmain in Windows 10 Is Superfetch safe to disable?If we are not experiencing performance issues or other issues, it is best to leave Sysmain) running.This is a useful procedure that can significantly reduce the time it takes to launch frequently used programs.However, if you experience high disk utilization, persistent memory problems, or poor overall performance, you can try disabling SysMain to see if it solves the problem.If so, disable the service.Otherwise, turn it back on and continue troubleshooting.To disable Superfetch (Sysmain) on Windows 10: Select the Start menu, type Services, and then select The Services application.You can also press Windows + R, type services. MSC, and press Enter.In the Services application, scroll down to SysMain, right-click the service and select Stop.If you are running an older version of Windows, right-click the SuperFetch service and select Stop.3. Now you need to prevent the service from restarting when Windows is started.Once the service is stopped, right-click the service again and select Properties.4. In the boot type drop-down list box, select Disable.The SuperFetch (SysMain) service is now permanently disabled and will not be restarted the next time the computer is started