Because of China!In Honduras, pro-US forces seek to seize power in Congress

2022-06-12 0 By

Little affectations continuously in recent years in the United States, whether it is for what purpose, the goal is very clear, is to hold on to their supremacy, want to play with the other countries at the hand, between the countries over the years the situation is not stable, how many can see the shadow of the United States, the recent situation in the Ukraine is so so, he is also involved in a lot of,And he has always wanted to upset the politics of small countries.Honduras is subject to the United States recently, Honduras election is over, become the new leader castro, before that, she made a promise, if I can be elected, immediately closer relations with mainland China, agree with the idea of mainland China, is now really made a promise, but this is not the United States wants to see, so will do some little tricks.The National Assembly in Khondoras recently had trouble electing a speaker.18 and Fidel castro to stand in the same camp, suddenly changed his mind, to let his vote for the enemy camp in Cali, at the same time also voted for him before party national party members, and these people are “pro-american” objects, their camp staff suddenly fallen, and presumably behind natural insider.The scene in which the interim speaker of the National Assembly was beaten while taking his oath of office is a sign that pro-American forces are trying to seize power.Tsai Ing-wen was invited to attend the inauguration ceremony of the new leader, while hernandez, the former leader, also went to Taiwan at this time. Now when it is time to fulfill their promises, their positions are beginning to vacillate. It must be said that there is something wrong.”Pro-china” by the United States sanctions, analysts said the United States has been to Latin America as a “back garden”, both their economic and political, is basically are constrained by the United States that can get, once declared that to establish diplomatic ties with China hong DORA’s new leader, was in office to swear, but in the critical moment,In this regard, the United States is bound to be involved. It is almost impossible for Honduras to achieve full political independence because its economic lifeline is in the hands of the United States.The United States over the past few years have been doing like a blood-sucking worm, continued to draw blood, these small countries of Honduras’s economy was in the hands of people in the United States, actually like this there are many small countries, so they want to achieve political independence, there are some difficult, now their position is also wavering, under questioning in the United States,They chose the “pro-american” only, if not from, the United States will use economic tentacles to interfere other countries’ political, or economic sanctions, or incite workers strike, coup change, etc., the new leader of Honduras and just watch a state, now the United States so that the drama of the end of the storm don’t know how to end?The characteristic of The Americans is that they are afraid of chaos. The so-called democracy is not important, but only “pro-American” is allowed.Some sources: Defense Times