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In the autumn of 2021, when Comrade Zhang Side died in the line of duty 77 years ago, the author, along with the Yan ‘an delegation of The Yan ‘an Spiritual Research Association of Tianjin, came to The Tomb of Zhang Side in the 48th Martyrs’ Cemetery in Lijia Village, Yan ‘an, and collectively recited MAO Zedong’s “Serve the People”.The battlefield is a hero, has also been bloody, risk life and death.Smell the long March road, 100 grass first taste;Against the enemy army, two guns.Thirty years, praised for their courage, passed on to a new generation.Charcoal kiln as a model, do not avoid fire and smoke, self-abnegation.As ansai labor, heart and soul;Guard of Jujube garden, also wu Yi wen.Eight hundred words, words and deeds leader inscription, spirit when into the old three.Serving the people, as a central expression of the CPC’s fundamental purpose and original mission, has been throughout the party’s century-long history, inspiring it to persevere and encouraging it to forge ahead.This reminds us of the glorious work “Serving the People”.Serving the People is a speech delivered by MAO Zedong at Zhang Side’s memorial service on September 8, 1944.On September 21 of that year, the speech was published in liberation Daily in the form of a press release. After the founding of New China, it was included in the third volume of Selected Works of MAO Zedong, which is a classic masterpiece of MAO Zedong’s works.Zhang Side was born in a poor peasant family in Yilong, Sichuan Province. He joined the Red Army in 1933 and joined the Communist Party of China in 1937. He experienced the long March, climbed snowy mountains and crossed grasslands several times, made great achievements in battle and was wounded many times.He works hard, regardless of personal fame or wealth.In 1942, due to the reorganization of the army, he was transferred from the squad leader to the Central Guard Regiment as a soldier, in Yan ‘an Jujube Garden, MAO Zedong and other places where the central leadership to perform security tasks.In the summer of 1944, in response to the call of the CPC Central Committee to launch the large-scale production campaign, Zhang Took the initiative to sign up for the task of charcoal burning in Ansai, more than 20 miles away from Yan ‘an.On September 5, the kiln suddenly collapsed in the rain. At the critical moment, Zhang Side struggled to push his comrades out of the kiln, but he was buried in the collapsed mound. He was only 29 years old when he died.After learning the news of Zhang Side’s death, Comrade MAO Zedong felt very sad and proposed to hold a memorial service for Zhang Side. He attended and made a speech.In the era of revolutionary war, sacrifice often happened, Zhang Side was just an ordinary soldier, also did not have too many earth-shatteringdeeds, for such an ordinary soldier to hold a memorial service and make a speech, has a special far-reaching consideration.The comrade who experienced Zhang Side’s memorial service recalled: “After the death of Comrade Zhang Side, some of the soldiers of the guard regiment commented: the old Red Army, after the long march, suffered injuries, the most difficult environment has come over, because of the mountain charcoal burning was crushed to death by the collapse of the kiln, it is not worth it!This situation was known by Chairman MAO, which led to Chairman MAO attending the memorial service and delivering a speech of great importance concerning the value of life.The memorial service was held on the afternoon of September 8, 1944. The Liberation Daily of that year reported that “more than 1,000 people attended the meeting”.After the memorial service began, “Chairman MAO walked slowly on the stage and paid his respects to the dead with a heavy heart.”When Yan ‘an “Liberation Daily” published a report on the author in Qingliang Mountain “liberation Daily” site Zhang Side is really just an ordinary guard soldiers.Why did his sacrifice disturb MAO Zedong?What’s their special relationship?Why did MAO Zedong make such a high evaluation of the death of a soldier as “to die for the interests of the people, his death is heavier than Mount Tai”?With the passage of time these have become little known historical facts…….More than 20 years ago, gu Yuanxing, the father of one of my friends in Beijing, lived in a military house under the central Guard Bureau, which was next to the Red wall of The Town God’s Foot Foright Street.Yenan period is MAO Zedong’s guard, guard captain, participated in the Long March of the Red Army, is zhang Side’s old superior.Subsequently, he successively served as deputy Chief of Staff of the Central Security Corps of the Logistics Department of the CMC, Chief of Staff and Deputy Division Commander of the 1st Security Division, Deputy Chief of Staff of the 2nd Central Column of the Public Security Corps, Deputy head of the Central Security Corps of the Ministry of Public Security, Deputy Director of the Security Bureau of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee, and a special invited member of the fifth National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).In 1988, he was awarded the second-class Red star medal of meritorious Service by the Central Military Commission.Buddy said to me: Zhang Side’s death that year is the old man told the chairman, dad almost didn’t let the chairman pick the horse coat.In October 1942, the Central Guard Regiment was established to take charge of the protection of the CPC Central Committee.Zhang Side, the monitor of the guard company, was transferred to the guard as a soldier because of his big stature and good health.He was a taciturn, hard-working man who excelled in all his work and was liked by MAO Zedong.In 1944, the Central Committee decided to hold the seventh CPC National Congress in Yan ‘an the following year.In order to solve the problem of the representatives attending the meeting, Deng Jie of the central committee was responsible for transferring people to Ansai to burn charcoal.Because of the lack of charcoal, kiln people, asked the guard to do technical guidance.Zhang Side will play cave and flue, then glorious elected vice captain, with two soldiers into the mountain firewood charcoal.On September 5, yan ‘an area under the rain, Zhang Side and soldiers xiaobai dug a new kiln, because of soft soil, above the rain infiltration, resulting in landslides.Zhang Side pushed bai out of the kiln, and he was crushed inside and suffocated to death at the age of 29.Dead people are a common occurrence in war time.However, Zhang Side was the guard of MAO Zedong and other leading comrades, so gu Yuanxing, the guard commander, decided to report the news directly to MAO Zedong.”Report chairman, Zhang Side died.”Gu Yuan Xing walked into MAO Zedong’s office and saw him reading documents intently, opening his mouth several times before saying aloud.Surprised, Chairman MAO put down his pen and stood up with his hands on the table.After listening to a brief account of Zhang Side’s sacrifice, he said sadly: “There is no way to kill people in battle in the front, and no way to kill people in production in the rear!”Chairman MAO stood at the window, lit a cigarette and looked affectionately at the direction of Zhang Side’s sacrifice in Ansai Mountain: “Have you reported this to your superiors?”Gu Yuanxing replied, “No, I think I can report it directly to the chairman.””No, you have to report it to your superiors.”Chairman MAO frowned and asked Gu Yuanxing, “Where is Zhang Side now?””Still in the kiln,” Gu replied.Chairman MAO was visibly angry. “How could this be?Dig it out fast. Keep a lookout.There are many wolves in the mountains. Don’t be eaten by them.If a Wolf eats you, you won’t be captain.”Asked again “Zhang Side’s body dug out to prepare how to deal with?””Chairman, I intend to dig it up and bury it there.”Difficult war environment, gu Yuan Xing decided to deal with the last thing.”No!”Chairman MAO was not happy.He thought for a moment, then exhaled a thick smoke and counted his fingers to give Gu Yuanxing a clear instruction: “First, wash Zhang Side and put on new clothes.Second, make a good coffin;Third, there’s a memorial service, and I’m going to speak.On September 8, more than 1,000 members of the Central Guard Corps, the Social Department of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the CPC Central Committee held a grand memorial service at the Date Garden playground in Yan ‘an.Wu Lie, head of the guard regiment, presided over the meeting, and Zhang Tingzhen, director of the political Department, delivered a eulogy.MAO Zedong walked solemnly into the hall to attend the memorial service for an ordinary but great soldier.He personally placed the wreath in the center of the platform, beside which hung a dirge inscribed in his own handwriting: “Salute comrade Zhang Side who sacrificed himself for the interests of the people!”Then, MAO Zedong stood on a mound, with a strong Hunan accent, powerful gestures, grief and anger generous handed down that affected several generations of the famous eulogy “serve the people”….”One’s inherent death may be weightier than Mount Tai or lighter than a feather. To die for the people is weightier than Mount Tai.To die for the fascists, for those who exploit and oppress the people, is lighter than a feather.Comrade Zhang Side died in the interests of the people. His death is weightier than Mount Tai…”.The story of Zhang Side has been told for 78 years. He is a mirror of the Communist, exposing the forms of evil and shadows….It still brings tears to my eyes.More than 20 years ago, THE author and Gu Yongjiang, the son of Gu Yuanxing, were at The Yanhuang Art Museum in Beijing. The author was at the tomb of Zhang Side in Yan ‘an.Writers poet reporter quyi home Chinese ballad singers association member of the writers’ association of China network  writers association, member of tianjin tianjin dramatist association member of tianjin ballad singers association member of the Chinese news agency in New Zealand deputy chief editor of tianjin “guinness song altar” magazine contributing writer deputy editor-in-chief of China “charity” magazine