The 3 ingredients are well matched, stir-fry for 5 minutes and serve to the table, easy to cook and delicious, much more delicious than ordering takeout

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3 ingredients with a good mix, stir-fry for 5 minutes on the table, easy to cook and delicious, much more delicious than ordering take-out!Consumption of Spring Festival goods quick home dishes: carrots fried pork head, times simple times sweet, eat not greasy!The eleventh day of the first month, the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival, is really over.School of school, go out of the door, open the New Year’s new life;Housewives, too, have begun to deal with the stock of Spring Festival.This year’s Spring Festival, the spirit as usual, stored a lot of chicken, duck, fish, beef and so on, there are many such as radish, potatoes, yams, cabbage and so on;So the whole Spring Festival down, go out to buy vegetables, or relatively few opportunities, which also successfully avoid the peak price.Today, take the stock of green pepper, carrot, recommend a delicious quick dish to friends, it is carrot fried pork head.Quick home-cooked dishes in a few minutes, simple and delicious;Whether it is single people’s meals, or when men’s drinks, are very good;In addition, this dish is especially suitable for children;Because carrots contain rich carotene, vitamin, to protect eyesight, prevent eye fatigue has a certain effect;And green pepper, is the “king of vitamin C”, carotene, calcium, iron and other minerals are also very rich, have increased appetite, promote digestion and other effects;In addition, now the weather is sometimes hot and sometimes cold, eat a little more pepper, have cold, warm stomach, sterilization effect, also can reduce the pathogen invasion.Pig skin pork, although pork, but it is not fat and greasy, gelatinous very rich, soft and sticky taste, with green pepper, carrot cooking, to supplement the body at the same time, do not worry about too much nutrition, and cause a burden to the body.3 ingredients with a good mix, stir-fry for 5 minutes on the table, easy to cook and delicious, much more delicious than ordering take-out;Quick home food consumption: carrots fried pork head, simple times sweet, eat not greasy;Take a look at the specific approach!Raw materials: carrot 1, cooked pork head 300g, green pepper 3 ingredients: salt 2 g, light soy sauce 10ML, cooking oil 20ML Procedure: 1: prepare the main raw materials.2: peeled carrots, washed and sliced;Cut green peppers into seeds, wash and dice.3: Heat a wok with cooking oil, add carrot slices and fry for about 2 minutes until the edges turn brown.4: Add the green pepper cubes and stir-fry them quickly.5: add salt, raw flavor.6: cooked pork head.7: stir the mixture evenly, then turn off the heat and remove from the pot.1: Cooked pork head with seasoning, so only need to stir-fry carrots, green pepper.Ok, I am the fairy a’s gourmet, today’s carrot fried pork head, here is the introduction;If you like my article, remember to “bookmark”, “share” or follow “Fairy A’s Gourmet”, your support is my motivation to continue to work hard!.Dear people fancy, want to try, there are any questions in the production process, you can leave a message to the spirit at any time yo, the spirit will be the first time to reply!The text and pictures are my original, strictly prohibited handling, plagiarism will be prosecuted!