BLG post-race statistics: the double lap combination is not invincible, LPL 16 appearances, only 43.8% win rate

2022-06-13 0 By

After BLG lost to IG yesterday, the pairing of Gwen and Zhao Xin became a hot topic for many people. Many people thought that ueno was invincible in the end, but in fact, after checking the relevant statistics, we found that this ueno combination only has a 43.8% win rate in LPL, and even lower in LCK, only 10%.So why did the BLG game lead to this upfield combo looking so strong?The main reason is that the Titan and the two points, Carrie, Titan’s first big move is almost a 100% hit fly control, as long as the effects, unless the location of the very large gap quickly or avoid using golden body, otherwise will inevitably be a fat beat, secondly yuekai Carrie in the wave group o too many post-war received head lead to economic take-off,This also allows the double circle + flying Thor combo to make a strong approach, which is extremely difficult for any ADC to handle.BLG and IG decider actually are both the objective is to rush back to, in the case of the two sides exchange ADC at the same time, especially on the wave, Kennan alone solve the BLG under way after the duo, Uzi is almost the same time also to the ground, o squad to face xenzhao BLG side, Gwen, Carrie, how do I call is likely to win,So the bottom line is that the double lap was not the main cause of failure, it was fattening up Akali!The reasons for losing a match are never as simple as one or two. From BP before the match, to line matching, wild route planning in the early stage of the game, GANK, resource contention and group battle in the middle and late stage, each link is closely linked. But on the whole, it can only be said that the BLG of this lineup does not run in well.This is one of the reasons why Uzi continued to play training games with the team when we watched BLG training games today, BLG must want to try out the current lineup in the next few games.In view of the upcoming schedule of BLG, AL, WE and JDG are all good candidates for trying. If these three games still fail to achieve good results, it can only be said that Uzi is not suitable for BLG, and doggo must be replaced again.