Deng Xiaoping’s indissoluble bond with sports

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On February 19, 2022, the Closing stage of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games is still in full swing.But the date also has a special meaning for the Chinese — it is the 25th anniversary of the death of Comrade Deng Xiaoping.As the chief architect of China’s reform and opening-up, he profoundly changed the destiny of China and still affects every Chinese.As a revolutionary, statesman, military strategist, diplomat Deng Xiaoping, the Cause of Chinese sports also has meticulous care and support.As the Beijing Winter Olympics draw to a close, many people are also thinking of the indisicable relationship between a generation of great men and Chinese sports.From restoring seats to bidding for the Olympic Games let’s uncover a piece of dusty history.In 1958, the International Olympic Committee deliberately created “two Chinas” under the manipulation of some people, and the Chinese Olympic Committee resolutely broke off relations with it.In 1974, Deng Xiaoping came back to help Premier Zhou Enlai preside over the work of The State Council, which included the State Sports Commission.He said to the then head of the State Sports Commission: “How can an international sports organization leave such a big country?We will take a more proactive approach to the IOC and restore our rightful seat on the IOC.”It was under deng Xiaoping’s active promotion that the People’s Republic of China was able to resume its lawful seat in the IOC on October 25, 1979.Deng Xiaoping takes a walk at a residence in Shanghai in February 1988.Deng Xiaoping was the first country leader to put forward the bid for the Olympic Games.In 1990, deng Xiaoping, who was in his 80s, came to the National Olympic Sports Center in high spirits to visit the newly built Asian Games track and field and natatorium.Walking on the viaduct, he said to Wu Shaozu and Zhang Baifa: “Have you made up your mind to hold the Asian Games and the Olympic Games?”On the afternoon of February 26, 1991, the Chinese Olympic Committee held a plenary meeting in the Guangdong Hall of the Great Hall of the People, discussing and approving Beijing’s application to host the 2000 Olympic Games.Soon The State Council approved the report of the Beijing Olympic Bid committee, the Beijing Olympic Bid committee was established and held its first press conference in Beijing.Deng Xiaoping takes a photo while walking at his residence in Shanghai on Feb. 17, 1988.In December 1991, at the international Olympic Committee headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, zhang Baifa, then vice mayor of Beijing, presented the application for Hosting the 2000 Olympic Games to SAMARanch, president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).China met with setbacks in its bid for the Olympic Games, but finally succeeded.On July 13, 2001, China won the bid to host the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. Unfortunately, Deng Xiaoping could not wait for this day.On April 25, 1983, Deng Xiaoping, his youngest daughter and granddaughter were in Diaoyutai.Deng Xiaoping once said: “I like watching football the most in my life.”In life, Deng Xiaoping loved football, understood football, is a real fan.This point can be seen from his early experience of staying in France.It is said that he once pawned a coat in exchange for tickets to watch a football match.1924, Paris, France held the eighth Olympic Games, in order to watch the football match, Deng Xiaoping did not hesitate to take out the cost of living to buy tickets.”Five francs for a day’s food,” he recalls, “and I was sitting at the top of the table so I couldn’t see the ball.”Well into his old age, he remembered that the winner was Uruguay.Deng Xiaoping takes a photo while visiting west Lake in Hangzhou in January 1988.After the founding of new China, Deng Xiaoping loved football as always.And deng Xiaoping, the great statesman, in the saga of three falls, two of his comebacks were sent signals through the football field.This is deng Xiaoping and sports indissoluble affinity vivid embodiment.The most talked-about scene occurred on July 30, 1977.The Beijing Workers’ Stadium was hosting the final of the Beijing International Football Friendly Invitational tournament.A few minutes before kick-off, the rostrum burst into applause.The crowd of 80,000 rose to their feet, looked up at the podium, and gave a thunderous applause.It was Deng Xiaoping who came to watch the match.Deng Xiaoping wrote an inscription for xiamen Special Economic Zone.This is deng Xiaoping’s first public appearance since his third comeback.At this moment, the cheering crowd may have realised that China’s fate was bound up with that radiant old man’s for years to come.Deng Xiaoping, who loves watching football, also understands the law of football’s development very well.In the summer of 1985, the FIFA World Junior Football Championship held its first match in China.In early August, Deng Xiaoping sent a message to Havelange, president of FIFA. He mentioned a sentence that is still worth thinking over by all football people and sports people: “To make progress in Chinese football, we must start from children and teenagers.”In the spring of 1989, Deng Xiaoping participated in the 10th Beijing voluntary Tree-planting Day.In the old generation of proletarian revolutionaries, Deng Xiaoping was a famous sports enthusiast.From football, swimming and mountaineering to bridge and chess, his long-term adherence to sports has given him a strong physique.Comrade Deng Xiaoping not only loved sports personally, he also devoted great affection to the development of national sports undertakings.Deng Xiaoping was known for his love of chess and his love for his players.There was a special contact between Nie Weiping and Deng Xiaoping in the 9th Dan of Weiqi, which is still rumored today.”Deng always cared about sports, especially weiqi,” Nie recalled.I remember the first Sino-Japanese Go challenge match, I played against The Japanese master Fujimawa Xiuyuki, this game of chess was broadcast live by CCTV.The TV set in Deng’s hometown has been locked in weiqi program, as long as four hours!Deng watched the game all the time.As soon as the match was over, the go team received a phone call from Deng’s secretary congratulating the Chinese team on their victory.”The picture shows deng Xiaoping, Soong Ching Ling and Deng Yingchao chatting at a New Year’s Tea party held by the CPPCC in 1980.China News Service hair Lv Xiangyou photo of sports has a persistent love of Deng Xiaoping, spare no effort to promote the development of China’s sports cause.It was at deng Xiaoping’s instruction that the State Sports Commission set up the Department of Mass Sports, the first functional department of a government department in China, to manage this important matter concerning the health of the people.In 1974 deng Xiaoping pointed out, “Without extensive mass sports activities, there would be no solid foundation and no good athletes would be selected.Of course, the level of the whole country should be raised and popularized under the guidance of improvement, which is also indispensable. This is the unity of opposites.”This concept is still of great guiding significance to the development of Sports in China almost 50 years later.In February 1992, Deng Xiaoping and his wife Zhuo Lin took photos on Nanpu Bridge in Shanghai.The aim of developing sports is to improve people’s health.Deng Xiaoping was especially concerned about the health of young children.In 1980, When Deng Xiaoping wrote inscriptions for China Youth Daily and Guidance Counselor magazine, he also expressed his earnest expectations.”I hope the children of the whole country, aspire to be an ideal, moral, intellectual, physical people, aspire to make contributions to the people, to make contributions to the motherland, to make contributions to mankind.”His affectionate message to the future generation of the motherland also contains strong sports feelings.