Good news for teachers, “new rules” for promotion and a tough year for teachers

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According to statistics, the number of primary and secondary school teachers has more than 13 million, the number of teachers in the establishment and no specific statistics, but the number must also be very much, for many college students, the establishment represents a lifetime need not worry about the cause, but the establishment of teachers actually have higher pursuit, that is, with high professional title.However, as an ordinary teacher, it is quite difficult to get a junior title, and many teachers have not got a senior title after all their efforts, which also makes some teachers have a “Buddhist” mentality to evaluate professional titles.Although the average salary of teachers has been adjusted to a certain extent, the salary of teachers in many regions is actually not considerable, so many people would like to get more benefits through professional titles.01 evaluation of professional title makes people bald, the reason is very realistic teacher evaluation of the difficulty of professional title is in many aspects, many teachers have a lifetime evaluation of professional title is also related to the school.Less: teachers actually can assess title every year, but the number of titles in each school is very few, a lot of people round the wheel for years, some schools even years all have no indicators, all sorts of provisions, are the main reasons why such as some need to retire a senior title of professional teachers, can obtain a senior title.Every year, there are many teachers competing for an index, and there are many ways to distribute the index, so it becomes more difficult to promote teachers.Generally, the newly established school title index will be more, but the old school is always not the index, which also leads to a lot of old teachers do not have the opportunity to evaluate the title.Paper difficulty: many teachers who are qualified to have professional title, usually work intensity is very large, so there is no time to write a paper, the paper as the key to evaluate professional title, is a must, which also leads to some teachers can not spare time to prepare for the evaluation of professional title this thing.It is difficult for front-line teachers to obtain achievements: many ordinary front-line teachers, their main work is to teach students, but in order to evaluate professional titles, teachers not only need to teach, but also need to obtain various certificates and relevant rewards, so many front-line teachers are directly excluded from professional titles.It’s easy to see how difficult it is to judge a teacher’s job title in the classroom, but teachers should be careful not to wait until the end of the year as new rules are introduced to encourage more teachers to be promoted.In order to help more teachers, the Ministry of Education has issued a new regulation. If a teacher wants to be awarded a junior or intermediate title, the main basis will be the number of hours he or she has worked. This means that a teacher can be awarded a junior title as long as he or she has been teaching for a certain period of time.However, if a teacher wants to appraise the title of deputy senior or above, he/she still needs to have certain ability and meet relevant requirements.The index will not be restricted, as long as teachers meet the requirements can be professional title evaluation.This is a very good news for all teachers, in addition to ordinary teachers, township teachers will also become more smoothly assessed titles.For example, rural teachers in Gansu can apply for intermediate titles after 20 years of work, and the titles will no longer be affected by indicators.The paper and computer skills of township teachers are no longer strictly restricted, so it is easier for rural teachers to evaluate professional titles than urban teachers.Many other provinces and cities have also issued relevant notices, and teachers are finally waiting for hope that teachers will also receive more benefits in the future.Why are teachers evaluating professional titles?What are the benefits?Improve the working level and ability of teachers: In fact, the original purpose of letting teachers evaluate professional titles is to form a benign competition among teachers and improve their enthusiasm for work.In order to evaluate professional titles, teachers must redouble their efforts to obtain certain achievements, so the evaluation of professional titles can promote the enthusiasm of teachers.Increase the income level of teachers: although the job of teachers is stable, the salary of primary and secondary school teachers is not high. When they have a certain professional title, the salary of teachers will change accordingly. Retirement and other things are closely related to the professional title, so the professional title can further improve the salary and performance of teachers.Higher honors: Teachers with professional titles show that they have good development in teaching and other aspects. Therefore, professional titles are also a kind of honor for teachers, and schools will pay more attention to these teachers with professional titles. Generally, this kind of teachers will have a higher status in schools.Conclusion: It will be easier for teachers to evaluate professional titles in the future, and the treatment of teachers in many regions has been significantly improved. I believe that more college students will choose to become people’s teachers in the future.Do you want to be a teacher?