Lao Du’s survival has no door, 28 cases three kinds of results are adverse to its, punishment has been inevitable?

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28 case has been continuously fermentation for nearly two years. Originally, it was just an accidental “wrong exchange”, but everything changed after Lawyer Li Sheng put forward the concept of “stolen exchange”.Now to find out the truth of this matter is not for Xu Min, nor yao Wei, but to find out who is behind it, so as to prevent such incidents from happening again.What is the end result of a life-changing event?It’s too early to say, but there are at most three possible outcomes.They are “wrong swap”, “steal swap” and accidental “steal swap”.The only certainty is that either outcome will not be friendly to Du.The first result of 28 case is “wrong exchange”. “Wrong exchange” is the result that most netizens who follow 28 case are willing to accept.A “swap mistake” means it was all an accident and no one was behind it.However, according to the existing evidence and materials, although the “people can not be transferred to prison”, but the probability of “wrong exchange” is very small, the big pharmacy, “four golden flowers” and Lao Du’s various strange behavior are a sign that this matter is not as simple as it looks.And, even if the 28 incident was a “mistake”, will He be able to walk away?Facts proved that even if the 28 incident was a “mistake” and Lao Du was innocent, she could not get away with it.In the process of investigation, it has been proved that Lao Du participated in the “fake certificate”, yao Wei’s birth certificate is “fake certificate”, and lankao County Health Commission’s reply to Lao Du’s second birth certificate that “cannot be verified” indicates that this matter will not be solved easily.Even if the truth of the February 8 incident is found out, the issue of fake certificates still needs to be dealt with seriously.Since Lawyer Li Sheng put forward the concept of “smuggling”, Lao Du has been under the burden of numerous accusations, and some netizens even think that Lao Du is behind the “smuggling”.And “inhuman impossibility” was put forward, Lao Du body of “smuggling” suspicion can no longer be cleared.After all, there are too many questions about Him to accept.Why is Lao Du so familiar with the Four Golden flowers?What kind of relationship does she have with Guo Mou Zhi?Why go to the countryside to avoid investigation when you can have a baby through the proper process?Lankao County health commission why can not find Lao Du for the second child birth permit related materials?If all these doubts are not clear, the suspicion on Lao Du cannot be cleared.The last possibility in case 28 is accidental “smuggling”, which is the least likely possibility. The simple understanding is that there is someone behind all this planning, but the person behind it is not Lao Du.It should be known that the Feb. 8 case was the “exchange” of the children, not the loss of the children. In terms of the “wrong exchange” of the two children, Xu Min was the one who was hurt, while Lao Du took all the advantages. After all, according to the physical conditions of Lao Du and Xu Min, Xu Min’s child is more likely to be healthy.If there is no profit motive, how can this “wrong exchange” happen?As long as two years, Lao Du with a variety of “accidental” operations, resulting in her reputation has fallen to the bottom.No matter what the final outcome of case 28 is, the fact that Lao Du was involved in “false testimony” cannot be changed, and punishment is inevitable.