Ning County held the 2022 “Spring Breeze Action” (Labor cooperation between east and West) on-site job fair and the farewell ceremony for migrant workers with complimentary tickets and insurance

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To continue to do a good job of “six steady” “six protect”, carry out for the people “, solving problems, February 16, zhengning county to “send warm spring breeze Employment send the truth “as the theme of” spring breeze action “in 2022 (eastern and western labor services cooperation) recruitment and migrant workers give complimentary ticket insurance farewell ceremony in zhengning county high-speed station plaza.The job fair invited 32 employment enterprises from Tianjin and other provinces to participate in, providing more than 3,000 employment positions, more than 700 job seekers from 18 towns and villages of the county came to the site, carefully read the employment needs of enterprises, and in-depth communication with the recruitment representatives of enterprises, looking for their own jobs.Recruitment boards were also set up at the event site and a publicity desk was set up to provide consulting services for job seekers.Migrant worker Zhu Jianning said, “I have been working in Nantong, Jiangsu province for more than ten years through the introduction of the county labor bureau. Today, I was lucky to get the train ticket, which is the welfare of our migrant workers, I am very grateful.”Wang Qinfa has been working abroad all the year round. His biggest worry is whether he can get paid or not. Today, he finally found a satisfactory job at the job fair.”I want to choose a job that suits me when I come here,” Wang said. “There is a government job and salary is not a problem.”At the recruitment site, Ningxian Post Company and Chinese Shouning County branch company will give 1,000 tickets and 500 people “premium insurance” for migrant workers, each with a guaranteed amount of 800,000 yuan.Xu Jin, deputy general manager of Ningxian Branch of China Post Group Co., LTD in Gansu Province, said, “We will provide free tickets for this event, and people who return to their hometown and post can receive free red envelope subsidies to ningxian post outlets, to provide more services to workers, but also reflect our responsibility and responsibility as a postal enterprise.”In recent years, our county actively increasing employment entrepreneurship policy propaganda, through various channels to expand employment, through online job hunting, “peer-to-peer” services, to carry out the free way, such as labor skills training for job seekers and enterprise establish the platform of supply and demand of employment, all to do a good job of service enterprise employee and the vast majority of job seekers, boost rural revitalization.Reporter: Dou Rui fu Gao Cao Kang Xu Wenwen Li Aiping