Optimal word children turned | their children to school has been writing, why not become more and more beautiful?

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Take writing for example, people write for a lifetime, the handwriting is like that, good-looking is still good-looking, ugly is still ugly, how to write through a long time of practice become good-looking?So today let’s think about: why writing does not match the law of ten thousand hours?Kids spend all their school time writing, why doesn’t it get better and better?In fact, to solve this problem we have to understand that writing is not practice, writing for a long time is not equal to practice.Writing for long periods of time is repetitive labor, and it’s hard to improve without observing, reflecting, and revising.Even in the process of practicing, some students will find it difficult to practice, why?Mainly because the heart is not in place.There is a difference in mentality between a master who has broken countless brushes and a novice who has just practiced calligraphy for a short time. The former one is enjoying the daily practice of calligraphy, while a novice may feel that it is too difficult to give up after practicing for a few days.Writing well depends on the process to see if you stick to it in the right way.All things are difficult before they begin, especially white, we must form a good habit of practicing words when we start practicing words, then we will talk about the entry guide for white ~ excellent word children’s hard pen foundation special training class is hot registration, help children write good standard words, lay a good foundation, do not lose in the exam.Focus on hard writing for children aged 5 to 12: customized content according to students’ writing situation, the emphasis of each stage is also different.Improve students’ standard writing ability of Chinese characters and consolidate their basic writing skills of Chinese characters.More customized courses are waiting to be unlocked