The city culture and Tourism Group through the open area volunteer service team in action

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Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes.In the early morning of April 3, after receiving the news that the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission reinforced Gulou District, the Party Committee of the Municipal Culture and Tourism Group ordered the volunteer service team of the opening area to assemble efficiently and quickly descend to 11 communities to support the epidemic prevention work.Chen Yueyang, vice captain of the volunteer service team and party member of Jiuzhou Ecology, was a volunteer in the nucleic acid drill of Xuzhou city last year and has some volunteer service experience.On the first day of working at home, I took the initiative to report to the community. Since March 30, I have been in charge of the information input work at the nucleic acid testing point in the community, while teaching the input process and matters for attention, and brought out four “skilled” volunteers for the post of community information input.He said, “This is a time when the community needs people. I will do what I can to help.”Geng Minjuan, member of the volunteer service team and a party member of Tianqin Company, stuck to her post during the epidemic prevention and control period and led her team to provide 2,000 packed lunches for front-line epidemic prevention workers every day.In her work, she was responsible for shift coordination and task division, and organized more than 40 employees who met the epidemic prevention requirements to return to work and resume production.In addition, she also assisted in cutting vegetables, making meals, packing, and completing the meal preparation for the day and the next day.Under the full cooperation of all personnel, meals for construction workers of gulou District Makeshift hospital were guaranteed.When she took shifts to rest at home, she still took the initiative to sink into the community to support the epidemic prevention work, and continued to play a vanguard role as a party member.In addition to CPC members, there are also a considerable number of public workers in the service team to participate in the epidemic prevention action, demonstrating the responsibility of state-owned enterprises.The service team member, wenhua Jinli worker Comrade Liu Feng took the initiative to join the service team, the first time to sink to the community to support the epidemic prevention work.Check double code, protect order, “knock on the door”, nucleic acid registration, do meticulous.”It is a must for cultural youth to do their bit for the community,” he said.I want to use their real action, protect the safety of community residents!The 17 volunteers of the Volunteer service team in the open area of The City Culture and Tourism Group will always keep high morale, fight tirelessly in their own duties and volunteer positions, interpret “responsibility” with actions, and strengthen their faith with responsibility!