The founder of Nanguo Food, Liu Hanxi, 63 years old, has been exposed to food problems but has denied rumors

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A lot of people who go to Hainan will buy the products of Nanguo Food, and The chairman of Hainan Nanguo Food Liu Hanxi is a well-known entrepreneur in Hainan, the operator of the financial network tried to reveal.According to the online introduction, Nanguo Food is a Hainan local company that focuses on producing and selling hainan specialty food. It produces a lot of food based on hainan specialty products such as coconut, coffee, pepper and bitter tea.Born in 1959 in Shantou, Guangdong province, Liu Hanxi is 63 years old.He came to Hainan with his parents at the age of 20 and has since put down roots in Hainan.As the family is poor and is the eldest son, Liu Han Xi from an early age to take up the family.Liu hanxi has been in Hainan for decades. He helped others earn money by working as a laborer before starting his own business, which involved in various small businesses such as tea, processing and packaging.In 1992 he set up a small company called Nanshan to do coconut-related business, which became the forerunner of Nanguo Foods.Speaking of hainan southern food, we may be a little strange;However, the recent time because of vulgar advertising and speculation of hainan coconut drink, really make hainan coconut fire again.As the same coconut as the raw material of nanguo food, liu Hanxi has attached great importance to food quality since its establishment in 1992.According to Liu, his brother, Liu Hanxiong, once tried to bring a batch of coconut products to market, but Liu turned them down after inspecting the products. Liu thought the quality of coconut powder in the products was not up to the standard, so he rejected the products despite his brother’s pleas.This kind of thing is very common in the history of Southland food, for which southland food does not know how much money.It can be seen that Liu Han Xi is very strict with himself and southern food.However, in 2016, a news that the quality of coconut powder of Nanguo Food was not up to standard immediately caused hot discussion, but sources said that the batch of coconut powder that was inspected was produced before the new food safety law was formally implemented, and was not unqualified products.At that time, nanguo food company currently commissioned a lawyer special statement said: “Coconut powder” (DB46/T69-2006) as a food quality local standard, is not abolished.Hainan Food and Drug Administration officials told Nanhai network reporters that they have been concerned about the above incident.DB46/T69-2006(coconut powder) has been retained as a local standard for food quality, indicating that the standard has not been abolished.Therefore, there is no problem for the manufacturer to mark the standard number on the package.Nowadays, Nanguo Food is doing well. According to an article of Nanguo Food in 2020, according to incomplete statistics, Nanguo Food has donated more than 10 million yuan to the society and individuals, and Liu Hanxi alone has donated more than 2 million yuan to the society.