What does mobile shield mean

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Mobile shield is a mobile password technology that realizes the traditional U shield function with mobile phones.- Mobile shield is an electronic signature tool developed by Alipay Technology Co., Ltd. in October 2013 for mobile terminals, full name “Bankeys Alipay mobile shield”, the mass media known as “Bankeys mobile shield”.Bankeys mobile shield was granted computer software copyright by The National Copyright Administration of the People’s Republic of China in May 2014, passed security testing by China Electronic Finance Corporation in July 2014, national Engineering Research Center for Generic Technology of Information Security in August 2014, and passed security testing by the Ministry of Public Security in April 2015.Bankeys mobile shield installation and use: Bankeys mobile shield installation and use process does not rely on any additional hardware, only need a mobile phone to achieve electronic signature function, can be widely used in e-banking, tax, securities, P2P, e-commerce, electronic contract and other businesses.Users can download the Mobile shield APP through the mobile terminal to carry out real-name services such as identity verification, electronic bank opening, transfer, payment, consumption and signing electronic contracts.Special functions of mobile shield: When using public WIFI, friends may ask you for an account password, at this time, it is not safe to send content through ordinary chat tool APP.But with Bankeys mobile shield’s “Private Communication” feature, you can communicate securely anytime, anywhere, even on an insecure network.At the same time, there is no need to worry about data theft, because during chat communication, public and private keys are used to encrypt and decrypt data, ensuring communication security.