Who’s the dark world

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One of the wonders of Singapore’s famous Jurong Bird Park is the Dark World, which opened in April 1982. It is the first night bird house in Asia and is full of night birds.This exhibition use reverse lighting technology, day and night upside down, roof painted black, and fitted with a few small buld, flashing, like heaven, heaven sparse, stimulation and bundles a light, like the moonlight, desolate, so that visitors can see in the daytime his active scene, animals can also makes the night activities during the day.It can be viewed through glass walls, with dark bird rooms inside.During the tour, visitors can clearly see the various activities of birds under the simulated night, while these beautiful and mysterious nocturnal animals are completely unaware of the presence of humans and continue their normal activities.About 31 birds, nine species (mainly owls), live in the 400-square-metre exhibition area, including the popular snowy owl, Malay fishing owl, carved Owl, barn owl, great Grey owl and Popbrook owl.These adorable owls inspire awe and are mythological symbolic birds.Today, the owl remains an enigmatic bird in many cultures.Owls are nocturnal birds of prey.They search for warm-blooded animals, especially in the dark hours of night.Their tubular eyes have binocular stereovision, allowing them to spot prey from a distance.They also have unusually keen hearing.A few owls stood in the bald trees with their grim, round eyes wide open.The bats flitted about noiselessly.Other birds, such as the black-crowned heron, stone curlew and chestnut tree duck (Javan tree duck) are also on display.Since most of these birds are hard to see at night, this exhibition hall is arguably the best way to get close to them.To the real night, visitors dispersed, “dark world” on the light, as day, night birds will sleep peacefully.Man has the power to change day and night according to his own needs.But fortunately for birds, not people.