Anti-fraud! Five anti-fraud formulas, to remember!

2022-06-14 0 By

Are all kinds of bonuses and red envelopes received soft during the holiday?At the same time, scammers are looking for the perfect time to set up a trap just waiting to empty your wallet!Formula 1 you commit a crime + call transfer +(security account)= fraud when you suddenly receive a call from the public security law and other institutions that you are suspected of breaking the law, and ask you to transfer funds into a security account, do not panic and transfer, must dial 110 for verification.Formula 2 net love make friends + gain trust +(investment/gambling)= fraud this call “kill pig dish”, fraud elements can use network make friends, with emotion as bait slowly get your trust, draw two people future blueprint for you as an excuse to induce you to invest (buy rise or fall), gambling (guess size, bet single double), buy lottery.Formula 3: doing tasks + small rebate +(increased investment)= Fraud When doing the first single task, the swindler will get a small rebate, and the swindler will refuse to return the principal for various reasons after induced to increase the principal brushing for many times.Network brushing is illegal behavior, do not have “pie in the sky” psychology.Formula 4 Posing as a leader or acquaintance + hounding +(anxious to pay)= fraud through phone, SMS, social software and other forms, claiming to be an acquaintance or boss, and ask you to transfer money, must be verified in person, can not easily transfer money.Formula 5: Lost delivery + triple compensation +(verification code)= fraud At this point, first check your Courier information and call the Courier company to verify, do not disclose verification code information at will.Source: Dalian Public Security