Beishi Town: The policy of moving to new homes after the disaster is heartwarming

2022-06-14 0 By

“I moved into a new house, and the town government and the village committee gave me a lot of help both financially and in terms of manpower. I had a very comfortable year.”North poem town shake off poverty zhao Xuewang is full of excited ground to say.Previously, zhao Xuewang, 50, a family of 3 people living near the house leng soil, affected by continuous heavy rainfall last autumn, his house collapsed, there are serious geological hazards around the house, seriously affected the family life.After the post-disaster reconstruction policy, Zhao Xuewang responded positively, but where to find a safe, reliable, replaceable house became a problem in front of him.”There are difficulties in finding cadres.”Zhao Xuewang suddenly flashed this sentence, immediately dialed the village cadres to pour out their troubles on the phone.Understand zhao Xuewang’s troubles, north town, village cadres act immediately, tailored replacement program for him, through continuous field visits, communication and consultation, discuss prices, signed an agreement…Zhao Xuewang finally moved into a new house.Looking at the bright and clean, warm and comfortable new house, he felt indescribable gratitude.Now, living in a new house, Zhao Xuewang is full of energy and hope. Relying on his own hands, he has successfully joined the “salaried family” and no longer has to rely on the state’s help policy to survive.He said it is the policies of the Party and the state and the help of town and village officials that have woven his current good life.