Russian China Magazine reporter Yelena Goshkova releases video pushkin Literature Restaurant

2022-06-14 0 By

The video “Pushkin Literature Restaurant” published by Yelena Goshkova, a reporter of Russian-language China Magazine, happens to coincide with mou’s video pictures.People’s Illustrated wechat subscription number released on February 4, 2022, Russian journalist Yelena Goshkova’s video: Go to the grassroots in The Spring Festival and “eat out” in Russia: the famous Russian restaurant — Pushkin restaurant.With mou Jiyu once sent “Beijing Pushkin restaurant” picture happened to coincide, we can see the same thinking, the same hobby, feel happy!People-to-people exchanges, very necessary, can deepen the friendship between the two peoples!Qin Bin, full-time reporter of People’s Illustrated, published a special report about “Longfu Temple” on wechat subscription account on February 4, 2022: Follow the Winter Olympics to see Beijing, walk through Longfu Temple, and clock in the 600-year old block.Mou Jiyu has also published pictures and videos of Longfu Temple on Toutiao: “Longfu Temple renovated as New Tourist destination in Beijing”, View number: 52967;Streams: 2353;59. Reflect moujiyu closely to the pulse of The Times, in tune with the mainstream media, worthy of praise!Mou Jiyu has entered the people’s Pictorial “Garden Community 100 people list” has risen from the 18th to the 8th!