The Fifth day of the New Year to “tour the mountains”

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February 5th, the fifth day of Chinese New Year.Xu Weidong got up early and put on his non-slip shoes specially.Downstairs, the bus, an hour later, the car entered lintong District Renzong street office located in the depths of the Lishan Mountain.This is where Xu Weidong works.Xu Weidong is lintong Renzong street office Qin Baoke section chief, weekdays the most important work is forest fire prevention.Today is xu Weidong during the Spring Festival on duty, park the private car, change the epithelium truck, a day of work officially began.Xu weidong explained: “is not reluctant to ‘contribute’ their private cars, pickup truck traffic capacity is stronger, what the trench is not a problem, is absolutely necessary for mountain patrol good helper.”The first thing to enter the working state is to check the preparation of fire prevention points along the main road of the mountain.”If these four points are well guarded, the fire pressure in the whole area will be much lower.”On the way to each point, Xu weidong also completed the daily inspection along the main road of the mountain.”Weather permitting, we sometimes use drones so that we can inspect in greater depth.”Serving as chief of Qin Bao section for four years, Xu weidong and his colleagues almost went to every corner of the district.Renzong street is located in lishan Mountain and has a high forest coverage rate.In addition, in recent years, Lintong district vigorously implements the forest vegetation restoration project at the northern foot of Lishan Mountain, which makes the ecological system of The Lishan Renzong section more complete.But for Xu and his colleagues, the forest is thicker, and the pressure to prevent fire is greater.In the unit, Xu Weidong is a “forest soil expert”.He knew which woods were frequented and which inaccessible.The bus to Renzong village, parked in a roadside vacant lot, Xu Weidong chose to patrol on foot.”Every time I come to this gully, I have to go into it. It is not only populated, but also frequented by tourists. It is a key area for inspection.Down from this junction, you can only get out from the upper junction, and walk around for at least an hour and a half.”These days, although it has been a long time since the last snowfall, because the Renzong street office is at a higher altitude and the daily temperature is relatively low, the snow in many places is still not melted, which brings no small difficulty for Xu Weidong’s patrol on foot.”In fact, snow is also good. When you walk to the entrance of the forest, as long as there are no footprints, this forest is’ inspection-free unit ‘.”When he said this, Xu weidong smiled with a little “experienced person” pride.Steep mountain road, although there is a village cement road, but Xu Weidong every time choose forest path.As a Chinese saying goes, “Only by walking around in person can you feel at ease.”Forest lane are generally in the edge of the soil cliff, said to be a path, in fact, just stepped out of a road.For safety reasons, Xu took every step very carefully. When he encountered a particularly steep and dangerous road, xu had to hold on to the tree trunk to prevent slipping. It was not only time-consuming, but also laborious.It was nearly twelve o ‘clock in the afternoon when we made a walk round the gullies.Drive back to the street office, hurriedly pull two meals in the canteen, Xu Weidong will start a new fire inspection, “Fangyan, Haoli village woods is also the focus.I can’t look through these woods without feeling uneasy.”Xu weidong said, “The Chinese New Year, the inspection of solid, we can live a solid year.”Xi ‘an Press all media reporter Gu Rong correspondent Yang Kun