Why does the disease recur?Only the patient knows

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Yesterday, I posted an article, people do not die from disease, but from ignorance. Through the story of fish farming and the way to treat fish, I interpreted the difference between treatment and melody.This article, my family in the interpretation of the disease in life why repeated?If you ask a doctor, a doctor who studies diseases, all he can tell you is that the causes are complex, the causes are unclear, individual differences and so on.But by understanding this in our lives, we can explain this phenomenon and find ways to restore our health.Why do I say that?This article gives you the answer, then you get back on the road to health, no longer confused.We all know that follow the bees for flowers, follow the flies for toilets.What does this mean?Bees feed on honey, which they gather from flowers.Flies feed on dirty, rotten, disgusting places.So what does that tell us?Different environments attract different creatures.If you think of bees as beneficial and flies as harmful.What we find is that beneficial organisms and harmful organisms prefer very different environments.So let’s think about the question, do healthy cells need the same nutrients as cancer cells?Is the blood of a healthy person as clean as that of a sick person?The answer must be different.So what does that tell us?Different environments affect different organisms.So many people will ask, how can people not get sick, many blood diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases need to take medicine for a lifetime, how can you recover health, away from drugs?I would like to ask more, why the blood of a lot of people is easy to appear the severe viscous blood fat, why the blood vessel of a lot of people is easy to appear sclerosis?What we can do from life, but doctors can’t do, let’s think about it, long-term love of meat and long-term love of green vegetables, blood viscosity will be the same?Do you love exercise and do not love exercise? Is the capacity of blood oxygen the same as the height reached?Love to eat cool and do not love to eat cool, the body temperature will be the same?Where is the difference in the constitution of our body?Once this secret is solved, the direction of recovery will be found.Because a lot of times when we’re trying to figure out what’s causing the disease, doctors say individual differences, what’s the difference?The difference is in our lifestyle, the way we live, the way we live for a long time determines the difference in our body, why do I say that?I’ll prove it with a story.If the patient is not willing to change the long-term wrong lifestyle, only accept the doctor’s treatment, the end result is very easy to relapse.If you put a pile of garbage on your door, I ask you what would attract you?Flies, mice, cockroaches, mosquitoes, you name them pests.At this time, if I come to help you solve the problem, only swatting flies without cleaning up the garbage?Can I beat the flies with my racket?The answer is no use, affirmation dozen can’t finish, because after finishing, again can attract more fly, one not line, I change two, two not line, I change three, result still dozen can’t finish.It’s like inflammation. A lot of people get inflammation. What happens?Go to anti-inflammatory, did not find the cause of inflammation, just like before began to use anti-inflammatory drugs, pioneer, too can, later found that inflammation is more and more fierce, then used antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, later found that the effect is less and less, then three elements, hormones, antibiotics, vitamins.You see what I said, is it the same as what the doctor said? I just helped you finish the fly, and when I left, I sent you a sentence, the fly is difficult to hit, will be repeated, and then you asked me how to do?I’ll tell you, never stop.After a lot of people get inflammation, they come to the hospital, and the doctor gives you anti-inflammatory drugs. When you just leave the hospital, the hospital will tell you that inflammation is difficult to treat and will be repeated. Once repeated, seek medical treatment in time, the meaning behind is that inflammation is repeated, and then anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory can not stop for a lifetime.In fact, we should think about a question: why do we get inflammation when others don’t get inflammation? It’s like there are no flies in other people’s house. Why are there flies in my house?That’s what we should be thinking about getting healthy.Like I said, I wanted no inflammation, but the doctors kept it down.I want no flies in the house, but that’s what doctors do.Here I first declare that acute inflammation must be controlled first, chronic inflammation must be careful, careful medication.That is, if there are too many flies, they must be hit first, which is why the country is now banning the abuse of all kinds of anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics.If there is garbage in the kitchen, flies will fly to the living room, study and balcony, resulting in flies in every room. If TODAY I invite a professional person to swat flies, just like dividing subjects, he doesn’t need to take care of other rooms. He will send one in the bedroom, one in the study and one in the balcony.He will tell you, a lifetime can not stop, I asked you who, he told me he is an expert, I asked him, why a lifetime can not stop, will be repeated?He told me that the cause is complicated, the cause is not clear, this is the world’s incurable disease.Many people may have reacted, so many people will ask me, how to do not anti-inflammatory?I want to ask you more, after got inflammation, under what circumstance can aggravate?Many people will recall that inflammation increases after drinking alcohol, after staying up late, after eating too much meat, after drinking cold drinks…And then we look at it in general, smoking, drinking, staying up late, eating too much meat, drinking cold drinks, using air conditioning…All in our life, you fall in love with such a life, it is equivalent to have been let their disease to the bad direction of development, how can inflammation not repeated?And then I said, at what point does inflammation go down?Many people tell me that they get enough sleep at night, exercise properly, have a good mood, eat a lot of balanced food…You will find that these are all good habits, and AS I have said before, good habit + time = health, bad habit + time = illness.It is easy to find a way back to health.Continue to return to the topic above, when all of the experts for a lifetime, flies are not over, I suddenly saw the kitchen there are rubbish, I like to play fly, experts say the fly from the kitchen, because inside the kitchen garbage, results in a bedroom the fly’s expert told me, the division I tube no return, do you understand?We only hear experts tell us how old a fly is, is it a bluehead or a blackhead, does it come from the kitchen or the bedroom, is it a male or a female?What is the size of a fly?There are data, there are reports.Like we have in medicine today, what generation of E. coli?Be to have flesh tumour inside uterus, still have cyst inside liver?It is benign still malign, because benign is male, won’t next young, malign is female, can diffuse shift.The result I say, because outside have rubbish, sweep rubbish away, fly flew away, the result expert tell me, I dozen fly all dozen not over, you sweep rubbish, can you solve fly?We will find that if our intestinal tract is dirty, just like many people have stool, stool is not normal out of the body, many people think it is normal, really normal?I often say that the prevention of minor illness can avoid the occurrence of serious illness, but many people treat minor illness as nothing.The intestine has two functions, one is to store stool, the other is to absorb nutrients.So the cleanest place is also in the gut, and the dirtiest place is also in the gut.Many people suffered from constipation, so the intestinal absorption is no longer a nutrition, but not out of the garbage toxin, into the blood, the blood with the rubbish toxin, with nutrition the same route, to repair our body, if the absorption of nutrients, everything is normal, if absorbed is junk, on the one hand, blocking blood vessels, causing blood to become dirty, on the other hand,Lost the repair function of the body, resulting in a decline in immunity, physical decline, five stations of the six fu operating function decline.So I would say that constipation is the cause of all diseases.Let’s look at inflammation, what kind of inflammation do we have in our body, where does it get inflamed?Ear inflammation, called otitis media, nose inflammation, called rhinitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, phlebitis, hepatitis, gastritis, pancreatitis, appendicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, ankylosing cervical spondylitis and so on, will find our body, the whole body up and down, where will inflammation, so the final result?They use anti-inflammatory drugs.It is like the erosion of the uterus. It is divided into 1 degree, 2 degrees and 3 degrees. One degree equals 100 flies, two degrees equals 1000 flies, and three degrees equals 10,000 flies.Because its name has changed, it is no longer inflammation, but cancer, so third-degree erosion to cut off the uterus, if not cut what will happen?Do you think, there are 10,000 flies in the house, can still live?When there were 100 flies in the house, would you listen to me when I told you to change your wrong habits?How can you fix a disease that doctors can’t cure?The doctor is an expert on swatting flies, and I study cleaning trash. How could I possibly compete?Just like more than 40 years ago, the country launched a campaign called “Eliminating the four pests”. Have flies, mosquitoes, mice and cockroaches been eliminated?As long as you don’t clean your home, there will be flies, mosquitoes, mice and cockroaches.As long as you have garbage in your body, it attracts all kinds of harmful bacteria.And sometimes we only pay attention to those harmful bacteria, that is, diseases, but ignore the garbage toxin in the body, so I often say, garbage is not cleaned, flies never end.Just like when I met a person before, his high blood fat blocked the blood vessels and formed high blood pressure.I’ve been on blood pressure medication for a lifetime.He told me that the doctor couldn’t do anything. I said do you like meat, he said love meat, I said love vegetables, he said don’t love vegetables, I said love sports, he said don’t love sports, I said love cold, he said very like.I advised him to eat more vegetables, but he told me, can you solve a problem that a doctor can’t solve?I asked him, what is blood fat, that is, the content of fat in the blood on the high side, what is fat?In our daily life, isn’t it oil?Oil has a characteristic, in the case of heat line in the case of condensation, excessive blood fat blocked inside the blood, will the formation of hypertension?Why do you have high levels of fat in your blood?Is it because you value love to eat meat for a long time, do not love sports, love to eat cold, if you do regardless of imports, or a lot of meat, if your cholesterol will be high, the body some time, let the body to spare these indicators is metabolized, exercise more, eat some fruits and vegetables promotes metabolism, and then control the import, don’t eat too much food containing fat.Within a month, the blood pressure medication was stopped.Excessive blood fat in the blood, I call it garbage, garbage is not discharged, afraid of long-term accumulation and superposition of garbage, resulting in the emergence of bigger garbage, I have been telling many people, with garbage, will make you become garbage.Just like when you often stay with people who like to swear, you will also fall in love with swearing. If you often like to eat junk food, your body will gradually become junk body. If you do not pay attention to the balance of nutrition, it will easily lead to the lack of certain indicators, and some indicators are too high.The cause is almost all in our life, heredity, many are inherited from the same bad habits of life.Because we only pay attention to disease, and ignoring the cause, as we only pay attention to those flies, and neglect the pile of rubbish, we only pay attention to the hospital, and ignore the life, we only pay attention to the change of the index, and neglect our living habits, eating habits, living environment, because these changes will affect the indicators.Therefore, I hope more people to understand the rules, in line with the rule of experience is the key to solve the problem, rather than how many years you have engaged in a certain career, how much experience, if not in line with the rules, no amount of experience will do more work.Our bodies are just like flowers. If you want to raise flowers well, you must understand the properties of flowers, which flowers need sunlight, which flowers need a lot of water, and which flowers do not need a lot of water. Only by meeting their needs can you feed them.Our body is like a flower. What does our body need?What you give, what he does not need, you should not give, this is to keep healthy, rather than the body does not need, you desperately give, the body needs you do not give, this is the beginning of disease.Every time I see a lot of patients, they are still eating too much junk food, which means the body does not need it. You have been giving it. I always say to have a balanced nutrition, but many people are eating those junk food every day to cope with the body, until one day, the body can no longer bear, and you will bear all the consequences.