As a civilian, how to seek to protect themselves in the future if the global economy deteriorates?

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Previous financial crises, the enormity of the harm is frightening.It will cause tens of millions of people to lose their jobs, tens of millions of people to fall into the poverty line and never get over it again. People are watching him helplessly, expecting him to leave soon, and after he swept through, most of them ended up in a miserable state of ruin.When households and financial institutions were over-leveraged and there was a lack of regulation, falling housing prices did not attract enough attention.The economy is faced with a dilemma: on the one hand, urgent inflation requires monetary tightening; on the other hand, crumbling housing prices require loose money. When the contradiction between the two intensifies and no effective measures are taken to deal with it, a financial crisis is highly likely.Politically, no one wants to take responsibility for stoking inflation. Economically, it makes no sense to sustain a housing bubble, which will inevitably burst, while monetary easing will only prolong the problem.As ordinary people, when our mortgage is rising much faster than our income, we need to act quickly with a clear mind and take immediate action to stop borrowing, increase our income and deleverage is the first priority of resolving our personal crisis.A financial crisis is characterized by a rapid rise in prices, a severe economic downturn and mass unemployment.Everyone’s expectations of future economic give more pessimistic, the whole area currencies appeared more substantial depreciation, economy and economic scale appeared more greatly reduced, economic growth hit, often accompanied by firms to collapse phenomenon, the unemployment rate increase, the social common economic depression, sometimes even with social unrest or national political instability.Once the financial crisis occurs, the liquidity of gold is poor, the cycle of national debt is long, the fund is not safe, the stock is a fierce beast, the house will become a brick, it seems that only cash is relatively reliable, put money in the bank, choose a better way of saving liquidity can be.Share light life, welcome to add attention, thank you for your message exchange!