Cristiano Ronaldo’s teammate criticized Yu Dabao for walking on the field and exposing the lie of protective contact.

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Beijing time on March 27, around the team’s World Cup qualifier against Saudi Arabia, the Chinese men’s soccer team great treasure a fight back in the game, not actively participate in the running, but behind the attack teammate Dai Weijun walking around causing heated debate, a lot of fans including the host are publicly named commentary, think great treasure should run a run,But Yu Dabao chose to walk the way, did not give Dai Weijun to attract double, more did not give Dai Weijun to pull open the gap, but looked at Dai Weijun was opponents 4 people around the ball.After the match, Yu Dabao was thrust into the center of controversy. There were two opinions in the public opinion. One was that Yu Dabao was making a protective tackle, which was put forward by the famous football commentator Dong Lu.We couldn’t even find a second excuse and reason to explain yu Dabao’s negative behavior. Otherwise, Dong Lu was able to find a step for Yu Dabao in the first time, and we could also see that Dong Lu was really a talent who knew the ball.But is it a reasonable choice?Football was not actually choose right and wrong, only the reasonable and unreasonable, only common options and the best option, it is clear that the dong lu great treasure in the mouth of the protective “is a common option, but is not reasonable, because in this option has a more reasonable best option, that is positive forward or edge,Tear open the gap for Dai Weijun’s attack, at least help Dai Weijun take 2 defenders, so dai Weijun won’t get into the double team.So Yu Dabao is playing a traditional Chinese way of thinking and playing football that has been proven wrong for the past 20 years and is still replicating its mistakes with a dismal end.But if Yu Dabao could keep up with Dai Weijun’s sharper attacking style, maybe he could get a better result. At least, he could pose a bigger threat to Saudi Arabia’s back line, and China national Football Team could gain more respect and experience for our future counter-attacks.In view of dong Lu said that the protective contact of this speech, in fact, two European famous coach Carlo and Contra has taken the lead to refute this view, that Yu Dabao became the terminator of the attack, because of Yu Dabao’s wrong choice, resulting in the end of the attack.At the same time, Ronaldo’s Portugal teammate Fonte also accepted the domestic famous football reporter interview, talked about the error of Yu Dabao’s attack this time.Fonte said Yu Dabao had to move forward and find space between the two defenders.There’s a lot of space in front of him and he needs to do that to get the defenders away.He could do nothing in this position.He needs to sprint and get the defenders away.Clearly whether it is the world’s top coaches or the best athletes, have confirmed the dong lu’s comments is fallacy, great treasure slips protective is a cheat people don’t understand the ball a grandiose pronoun, don’t know to see the big European coaches and players retort, dong lu also mouth shut?Don’t pack?