Dongping County Yinshan town strive to play a good spring farming production of the first battle

2022-06-15 0 By

Spring for the beginning of the year, agriculture for the first line.At present, the management in spring wheat production has entered a critical period, to play, in the first battle spring production and farming, ready to spring were agricultural production activity, the yinshan town dongping county active attack, awake renewed rushed, pays special attention to dongping county opportunity combination of science and technology activities, and invited experts county bureau of agriculture, rural scene spring agricultural technical guidance, check’s, speak knowledge,Solve practical problems in production in detail.It is understood that due to the impact of last year’s heavy rain and waterlogging, the sowing time of winter wheat this year has been postponed, and the time to turn green is 3 to 7 days later than last year and all the year round. The proportion of late weak seedlings is larger than the year round, and more than 4000 mu of land has appeared the phenomenon of “field covering”.The seedling situation is weak and the planting situation is severe, so it is particularly important to do well the field management in spring.Yinshan Town made arrangements in advance and made overall arrangements to promote the weakening and strengthening of winter wheat, strengthen the spring field management according to the site and the seedling, and do a good job in the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests and the response to extreme weather.At the same time, we will strengthen policy supply and guidance, increase support for agricultural production, ensure the production and supply of agricultural supplies, stabilize the area sown to grain, coordinate the production of meat, eggs and vegetables and other vegetable basket products, and strengthen the protection of farmland and the development of high-standard farmland.At present, more than 100 personnel have been trained, 2000 copies of spring management technology have been issued, and 43,000 mu of wheat sowing has been successfully completed, ensuring the smooth development of spring ploughing preparation and sowing in the whole town.Next, Yinshan town will continue to grasp the time, grab the progress, do a good job in the key period of spring ploughing preparation, do a good job in the spring field pipe work.At the same time, actively explore new ways of ecological development, adjust measures to local conditions, highlight characteristics, focus on optimizing the layout of industrial development, aiming at the mode of “land share cooperation + supply and marketing land trusteeship”, combined with the actual situation of the town, first try, promote the Yellow River strategic model town construction stride forward.(Reporting by Cao Rufeng, dazhong Daily client reporter)