Lanzhou people’s year, overflow happiness sweet!

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No matter how far, go home for the New Year!Going home for the Spring Festival and having a family reunion dinner is the most solemn sense of ceremony in everyone’s heart.Although sometimes, the way home, after a long way;Home, a thousand miles away;Sacrifice small family, stick to dedication;But in the end, we will all reap the homesickness and the joy of reunion.Because it is the place where we care the most, the warmest place in our hearts, the most difficult place to give up, the place where we miss our feet, and the place where we will return to no matter where we travel.It takes someone to have a home.The Internet era has blurred the boundaries of regions and narrowed the distance between each other. Although reunion across thousands of miles is the true meaning of the Spring Festival, for everyone looking forward to reunion, as long as the family is together, wherever is the year.A family must be neat and together.”Happy New Year, Mom and Dad!””Happy New Year!On New Year’s Eve, Liu dialed the video of his parents in Lanzhou from hangzhou.At one end of the video is a family gathering and a lavish New Year’s eve dinner, while at the other end is Liu alone in his apartment in Hangzhou.After graduating from college, Xiao Liu found a job in Hangzhou, which was also the first time a person carrying a backpack away from home.This Spring Festival, for Xiao Liu, is different from other years.As the youngest child in the family, in the past four generations of the same lively, this year for the first time a person’s New Year, a person left behind.”To be honest, I was sad at first when I decided to stay and celebrate the Spring Festival there.”Liu said, this is the first Spring Festival after graduating from college and starting work, meaning different.Planning for a long time, early began to see the ticket, filled with joy to count the days ready to go home for the New Year.”My parents were overjoyed to know I had a ticket home.In particular, my mother, from the time I go home, she began all kinds of busy, and my father fried fruit, gravy, buy goods.I have prepared a lot of food, all my favorite food.”As early as December 17, 2021, Xiao Liu had already bought his ticket home.”My ticket was for the 27th, but on the 26th it was reported on the news that There was an epidemic in Hangzhou. At 7:30 that evening, I found an asterisk on my itinerary card.”There was an epidemic in the city where she worked, and Liu began to worry about whether she could go home smoothly.The day to go home was getting closer and closer, but the epidemic situation was not optimistic in the following days.”Don’t go back, in response to the policy, local New Year!”On December 27, Liu told his parents that he had decided to stay in Hangzhou instead of going home for the Spring Festival.”At that time, I saw my mother’s eyes were red, she said safety first, I don’t go home she can save money, but in fact we are very sad.Fortunately, my parents and family support me.”Since we have decided to celebrate the Spring Festival here, we should be happy in other places.As soon as said, Xiao Liu began to purchase supplies, including snacks, hot rice and hot pot. He also bought an electric cooker and prepared to cook hot pot by himself on the night of New Year’s Eve, so that he could have a “New Year’s Eve dinner” with his family via video.Spring flowers, looking forward to reunion in the TV Spring Festival Gala, fireworks out of the window gorgeous.On New Year’s Eve, Xiao Liu and her family have a video.Although we didn’t get the “mom brand” New Year’s Eve dinner, the hot pot cooked by ourselves was just as delicious.”My sister even joked with me that she had to have all the delicious food without me.”The experience of spending Spring Festival away from home for the first time was new to Liu, but it also gave him a first taste of the importance of Spring Festival and the meaning of reunion.”Online New Year’s Day is also very lively. When the epidemic is dispersed and spring blossoms, I will go home for a reunion.”Yes, the way of reunion is changing, but what does not change is reunion itself.No matter where they return home or where they are, for everyone looking forward to reunion, as long as the family is together, wherever is the Spring Festival.Spring Festival I was at work on New Year’s Eve, the last night of the end of the year.The last day of the end of the year is called “New Year”, which means that the old year is divided so far and the New Year is changed.Divide, that is, remove the meaning;Xi refers to night.”New Year’s Eve” is the meaning of New Year’s Eve, also known as New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Eve.New Year’s Eve is of special significance to Chinese people. On the most important day at the end of the year, homeless people, no matter how far away they are, will rush home to rejoin their relatives, bid farewell to the Old Year with firecrackers and welcome the New Year with fireworks.On January 30, 2022, the 29th day of the Lunar New Year, lanzhou residents celebrated the Spring Festival in their favorite way. There were a group of “little people” who provided security for the people’s life during the Spring Festival with their hard work and lit up the lights of thousands of families with a stick.They are the deans of community buildings, nursery teachers and other teachers fighting on the front line. They all have the same expectation — hope that their adherence can make all lanzhou people have a warm, safe and peaceful Spring Festival.Kou Wei, Dean of community Building:Is safe and peaceful holidays KouWei jiaojia jiaojia bay bay street east community an ordinary staff, is also the east road no. 1287 east hills, Asia Pacific, dean of the constellation of the east building, this year is the seventh year she engaged in community work, during the Spring Festival, her main job is to move back and forth in the neighbourhood, always be away back to the epidemic prevention and control of new staff to register,Guide the residents of the area to the designated sacrificial points in the street for civilized sacrifice, discourage the behavior of setting off fireworks and firecrackers, clean and clean the community, inspect buildings to prevent emergencies.On the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, Kou Wei told reporters that almost every year on New Year’s Eve, the entire community is on duty. Everyone has to go to the streets from the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, and can’t go home until the early morning of the first day of the New Year.Due to the need of work, she could not go home to have dinner with her family on New Year’s Eve. “In order to make the local residents enjoy a safe and peaceful Spring Festival, I am willing to stick to this post.”It is with the company of the community “nobody” like Kou Wei that our people can live a safe and peaceful big year.Yu Chunlin is the founder of Color Preschool management organization and an ordinary teacher in many preschool organizations.The duties of a nursery teacher are generally considered to be busy only during the school year.In fact, the children have a holiday nursery teachers more hard.New Year’s eve afternoon, the teacher tells a reporter, winter vacation is already more than half a month, their childcare facilities to the dozens of children, teachers in addition to take care of the children’s normal life such as eating, sleeping, also taught the children to dress himself, wash oneself some life skills, also can let the children in his free time, rope skipping, bounce the ball, running exercise,We will also organize children to draw New Year’s cards for mom and dad, write Spring Festival couplets, and write “fu”, so that children can learn more about the traditional Folk knowledge of the Spring Festival.”This winter vacation, let me most impressed is that we teach the children to make dumplings, the children can learn seriously, both hands made strange dumplings, the children know the origin of dumplings, also know to cherish food.Their wish is to make dumplings with their parents on New Year’s Eve.”On New Year’s Eve, the last child was picked up, and Mr. Yu and other teachers began to be busy with laughter.Because of the epidemic, many teachers in the institution chose to stay in Lanzhou for the Spring Festival, and now everyone will start preparing for the New Year’s Eve dinner.”The children are home for the Spring Festival, I really feel a little reluctant.Several teachers in our organization responded to the government’s call to celebrate the Spring Festival in the same place. My wife and I decided not to go back to our hometown this year. We will stay up and celebrate the Spring Festival with our teachers and girls.”In the heart of the teacher, warmth is a babbling stream of love and responsibility.Both the meticulous love for the children, but also for colleagues considerate care, but also for the family really love, let love temperature, let the year more happy!Dong Xinwen, media reporter of Lanzhou Daily/Photo Happy Year in small Village “Are the lanterns up?””Have you stuck up the couplets?”Ann’s mother gets up early in the morning and is busy in the kitchen, worrying about other things from time to time.Brother climbed up and down busy hanging lanterns, check the line, not only the door to hang, eaves also hung a few lanterns, year after year.Hang lanterns and busy sticking couplets, the village and the city is not the same, light couplets have five or six, each door to stick, and finally stick the door god, but have to wait until everyone in the family home to stick the door god.This year’s New Year’s Eve weather is good, the sky is surprisingly blue, xiao An said: “although the sky in the city is also blue, but still almost interesting, this may be what they say homesickness!”Since the work, always step on the point to Chinese New Year, tightly zhang zhang, several times almost can’t come back and family reunion, after several twists and turns, but can come back has been very good.When xiao an’s father returned to his hometown, he went out with a thermos cup and looked for neighbors to chat. Usually, they were busy with work and seldom saw each other. Many of them could only see each other during the Spring Festival.”Aunt Wang is really good luck, her son took her to the city to celebrate the New Year” village committee director said with a smile.In recent years, many people in the village have gone out to work and struggle for several years and then settled down in the cities. They take the old and children away and never come back for the Spring Festival.Dad looked at the long road said: “I don’t like to spend the New Year in the city, not happy, the neighbors are not familiar, the door is always suffocated, gold nest silver nest is not as good as my grass nest.”In the distance the setting sun was giving off a dull glow that seemed to burn its last rays.The sky gradually dark down, xiao An at home heard the village around the crackling sound of firecrackers, the atmosphere of the New Year suddenly strong.Children are wearing new clothes with firecrackers to play in the village, to show everyone their new clothes, with candy in their pockets, exchange delicious, together with the cannon.Wait until their mother stood at the door to call, hurriedly go home to eat.”I used to wear new clothes and have fun with my friends. The next day, I found small burning holes all over my clothes. I was beaten up.”Xiao An said that when I was young, there were always new clothes to wear, and delicious food could be bought at any time. It was said that the taste of the New Year was weak, but in fact it was not, people’s life became better. They wore new clothes every day, and they could eat whatever they wanted.Firecrackers gradually sparse, smoke floating from the chimney of every family, we gather around the table, laughter in the start of the year’s last and most important meal, TV has locked the channel, waiting to watch the Spring Festival Gala.”I don’t know what will be on this year’s Spring Festival Gala,” xiao an’s grandmother muttered.Xiao An quickly picked up her mobile phone and read the program to her grandmother. The 83-year-old grandmother was sitting on the sofa with her great-grandson in her arms, smiling from ear to ear. Her children were all around her.A few years ago, street lamps were installed on both sides of the village road, which was paved and paved with asphalt. Red lanterns were hung high in front of every house and lit all night long.The laughter dispels the chill, and the warm light reveals the window covered with window decorations. It is as warm as ever.Lanzhou Daily all media reporter An Zhou Frost first time to join the Spring Festival travel “army”!”Mom, I’ll stick this paper-cut…””Dad, teach me how to fry fish. I want to learn…”In lanzhou city chengguan Liu Xiaoqi this year 19 years old, recently left his hometown to go to university, Harbin has never left home she joined the Spring Festival this year for the first time the “army”, only to meet mom and dad have a tenant, “since I was New Year’s day, with mom and dad never one New Year’s day, I think the biggest significance is the Chinese New Year reunion,So no matter how far it is, I’m going home…”.Home is the harbor of Harbin from lanzhou has more than 2600 km, for eager home Liu Xiaoqi, this distance is not blocking, but the only let her worry, is now the grim situation of the epidemic prevention and control, in order to protect yourself all the way, don’t bother for epidemic prevention, before the start of a week, Liu Xiaoqi early access to good home the need to provide all kinds of certificate,They reported to their communities in advance.The day before she went home, she thought she could see her parents and smell the beef noodles she had not seen for a long time.”It was the first time I felt homesick. I used to think everything was normal in my hometown, but when I left, I suddenly realized that it was the place I couldn’t put down.”Liu Xiaoqi said at first also wondering why their home so far away alone for the first time set foot on the road but not a little nervous and afraid, and went back home after think about it, she’s only in hindsight, “home” is not just two words, it’s more like a person, can warm you, encourage you and comfort you, accompanied by such a person, it will become very powerful!Years is home before New Year’s day, mom and dad are busy at home, just like all the children, is that listening to mom and dad called Liu Xiaoqi ever cry, wash your hands on the table eat the “kids”, but this year, every goodies for a busy preparing the site, you can see the figure of Liu Xiaoqi, help my mother to wash the floors, curtains, help my father to buy necessities, steamed, Fried cooking,Busy, “This year’s New Year’s Eve dumplings I package, before are to eat mom and dad package dumplings, this year I intend to ‘show a hand’, let them also taste my craft…”Liu Xiaoqi told reporters that when she was at school in the “hometown meeting” with classmates to learn to make dumplings, at that time she wanted to go home this year to show their skills to parents, let them taste their own cooking, and The New Year’s Eve when the reunion is more appropriate…Pandas Liu Xiaoqi’s mother is a teacher, is the year that many of the students, graduated students every time off, she will be coming, send her daughter to college last year, mother mouth didn’t say, the in the mind all the time to worry about her daughter, also in many nights because miss daughter secretly tears, “I can’t believe how sensible daughter will be coming back this time,It seems that I have grown up all of a sudden. I thought it would be Chinese New Year if my daughter could not come back. I am so happy that my daughter came back…”For “go home”, happy more than liu Xiaoqi, introverted mother a talk also happily from ear to ear, all say home is the harbor of year, year is the taste of home, perhaps in experience respectively and get together, we will understand more, all rush about and wait are worth it, because tuan tuan is year!All media reporter Zhang Yajun, Lanzhou Daily article/photo source: Lanzhou Daily (copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact delete)