Service area, toll stations have nucleic acid testing points!Henan provides rapid nucleic acid testing services for passengers and carriers

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Cui Mei, second-level inspector of the Provincial Department of Transport, answers questions from journalists at the 66th press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Henan Province on January 28, 2018.To strengthen convenient testing, Henan has set up fast nucleic acid testing sites in 18 expressway service areas, with a total of 105,600 people being tested. At the same time, 264 nucleic acid testing sites have been set up in the plazas in front of toll stations to provide fast nucleic acid testing services for drivers and passengers.The 66th PRESS Conference on COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Henan ProvinceLow risk areas returnees in principle does not restrict the flow of personnel, on January 27, henan native of 17 cases of confirmed cases of new zero cure the hospital of zhengzhou, jin has zero new anyang for eight days, realize social reset on January 28th, sanmenxia mian pool found 1 case of asymptomatic infections Department of cases, fujian association of foreign languages and associated personnel, passengers arrive home on the day of the implementation of health managementHenan province requires low-risk areas not to set up stuck points at highway intersections.Henan province calls for careful and considerate health management services for returnees · Strictly abide by epidemic prevention policies and cooperate with epidemic prevention· Set up the general warehouse management system; 370,000 tons of imported cold chain food have been stored in Henan; · The whole process can be traced!Consumers to buy imported cold-chain food please look for the “cold chain”, henan migrant workers flow monitoring platform Determine 150 monitoring, village holiday, return to return to work “don’t worry about” henan “point to point” shall be implemented for migrant workers delivery service is not short, not dropped Henan province actively carry out both steady work leave work action “warm” @ home entrepreneurial talentHenan “five send” gift package please check the factory door into the door, the door into the door!Puyang implements “point-to-point” transportation for migrant workers · Online real-time push recruitment information Puyang promotes stable employment of farmers · Puyang stays you to have a happy year!Non-puyang employees will be issued with “six cards” for each of them. Henan Expressway Service Area will do a good job of “three heat, one supply and two protection” for drivers and passengers.Henan 12328 hotline has answered 74,000 inquiries · There are nucleic acid testing points in service areas and toll stations!Henan provides rapid nucleic acid testing services for passengers and carriers. Henan has issued a total of 21,690 permits within the province to ensure the transport of materials.Henan opened 826 emergency transport channels and invested 100,000 snow removal personnel. · Henan helped the “three left-behind” people to solve their living problems in winter. · Henan allocated 7.25 billion yuan of assistance and subsidies for needy people in advance for 2022· Key epidems-related areas in Henan increased the quantity of daily necessities on sale and replenishment frequency · Henan severely cracked down on illegal activities such as hoarding and malicious price gorging · Henan made plans to store meat, eggs and vegetables during the Spring Festival