Emergency response actual combat drills to build a campus epidemic prevention safety line

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Drill site.Rednet moment News on March 24 (correspondent Wang Xuan xuan) “I announce that the actual combat exercise of epidemic prevention and control has officially begun!”At 9:00 am on March 23, with the order of Xiao Siyuan, party secretary of Changsha Preschool Teachers College, the actual combat drill of epidemic prevention and control emergency response began.The drill simulated four kinds of abnormal situations, such as abnormal yellow code of the students entering the school, abnormal red code of the students in the classroom area, abnormal body temperature of the students in the afternoon examination, and school closure.The drill presents the whole process of emergency response for each abnormal situation, and adopts working processes such as starting emergency response plan, reporting, liaison and coordination, on-site containment and control management, transfer, isolation and settlement, environmental disinfection operation, psychological comfort and guidance, and public opinion response.The drill links such as “closed management of the classroom, dormitory and other places where abnormal cases are located, isolation and placement of teachers and students in close contact, self-protection of on-site disposal personnel, emotional counseling of teachers and students after school closure” were highlighted. The resolute and orderly disposal of all kinds of situations successfully and efficiently completed the handling and response work.All participants participated in the drill with a rigorous and responsible attitude, with a clear division of labor, orderly and efficient response, ensuring the standardization and professionalism of the drill.The actual combat exercise is an important measure to further standardize COVID-19 prevention and control and comprehensively improve emergency response capacity. The University attaches great importance to the exercise.Before the drill, the school held a special meeting to study and formulate the School Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Drill Work Plan. The drill script was carefully designed and simulated for many times to make full preparations for the drill., deputy party secretary and the principal to Japan said in practice mobilization meeting, practice is the comprehensive improve school epidemic emergency disposal capacity of a “big training”, is the inspection and improve the ability of emergency coordination between various departments linkage of the important means, is to improve the outbreak site emergency disposal of actual combat ability, perfect the school epidemic prevention and control work plan of the important measures,It will provide guidance for the school to do a solid job in epidemic prevention and control.Vice principal Wen Mengfei in practice checking summary for each working actively cooperate with, rapid response, the successful completion of the rehearsal give full affirmation, also found in the requirements for drill outstanding problems and weak links, and will continue to refine scheme, perfect measures, clear responsibility, continue to strengthen epidemic prevention and control publicity and education, enhance the consciousness and the ability to control staff and students,To raise awareness, correct responsibility, epidemic prevention, to ensure the safety and health of all teachers and students.Source: Rednet author: Wang Xuanxuan editor: Lv Zhouyang This article is changsha station original article, reprint please attach the original source link and this statement.This paper links: https://cs.rednet.cn/content/2022/03/24/11046614.html, all peer originator, hail to the original