Generous help is like the sea, and selfless donation is like a mountain

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Family love conveys warmth and love gathers strength.Recently, the family of an employee at the headquarters of Yongsheng Human Resources Group has repeatedly encountered difficulties.Under the organization and care of the party branch, labor union and human Resources Department of the Group, all party members, cadres and employees of Yongsheng Group actively lend a helping hand.Wang Yueqing joined Yongsheng Human Resources Group on July 11, 2019, and has been working for two and a half years. She has devoted herself to the financial work of the Group.In daily life, she is enthusiastic and cheerful, gets along with everyone and never complains.But in the face of family difficulties, strong as she is also difficult to support: her mother is ill in bed, her daughter was seriously injured in an accident, her father was recently diagnosed with terminal liver cancer…Upon learning of the matter, Wang Jie, party branch secretary and Chairman of the Group, immediately organized a meeting with relevant personnel from party Branch, labor union, HUMAN Administration Department and Finance Department of the Group, and instructed Xu Lei, deputy Secretary of Party Branch of the Group and executive president of Insein University, to organize and implement the donation activity of “Friendship and Mutual Assistance Initiative”.In line with the principle of “friendship and volunariness”, at the same time, all branches and business units of the group also issued a call quickly and received positive response from all party members, cadres and employees of the group.In this aid campaign, Yongsheng Human Resources Group has received a total of 54,384.55 yuan nationwide, and all the donations have been delivered to Wang Yueqing and her family on February 16, 2022.After receiving the money, she was very excited, and her family also made a banner for Inshing Human Resources Group to express their gratitude.She entrusts dong Heng, the financial director of the group, to express heartfelt thanks to the group and all the family members on behalf of her and her family.To: Wang Jie, president of Yongsheng Human Resources Group, and all the families of headquarters and branches.”Generous help is like the sea, and selfless donation is like a mountain.”Xu Lei, deputy Secretary of the Party Branch of The Group and executive principal of Yongsheng University, accepted her gratitude to Yongsheng Human Resources Group and all the family members together with Dong Heng, chief Financial Officer of the Group.Yongsheng family always uphold the “kind, credible, simple, altruistic, positive energy” fine tradition, we have been on the road……Yongsheng Human Resources Group has always been committed to creating a better brand image of employers in the human services industry, from inside to outside, from outside to inside, and strive for the best level of the industry at all levels.”When one party is in trouble, eight parties help.”In this aid action, Yongsheng Human Resources Group is in line with the original intention of improving the happiness and satisfaction of employees, and will “friendship, mutual assistance” throughout the action.