South Korea will never win the Asian Cup in their lifetime.

2022-06-16 0 By

China won the Asian Women’s Cup for the first time in 16 years with a stunning 3-2 victory over South Korea at the 2022 Asian Women’s Cup.Chinese football fans can only envy other teams in the past, but this time they can finally see it in their own women’s football team.Similarly, the template used by Chinese media to write about the defeat of the National football team also fell on the South Korean media. Let’s experience the helplessness of south Korean fans.The main page of the Seoul Sports Daily carried the headline, I thought I won my first championship… shocked by 2-0 to 2-3.NAVER, South Korea’s leading sports magazine, lamented the match as “The first runner-up in women’s soccer history, losing 2-0 to 3-2.”Ohmynews praised the performance of the Korean women’s soccer team, saying, “bell, blocked by China again, is a meaningful runner-up,” and news1 made fun of the Chinese women’s soccer team, saying, “the Chinese women’s soccer team overcame korea-phobia after beating Korea.”The Sports section of the Chosun Ilbo ran the headline: “South Korean women’s soccer team makes history with missed champion.”The title of the Korean version of 442 reads, “Disappointing turnaround, Positive performance of Korean women’s soccer team to make history.”The Joongang Ilbo said the Korean women’s soccer team was blocked by Chinese walls.Star called the match a “nightmare” after 10 months.Some South Korean journalists wondered if they could see the South Korean team (including the men’s football team) win the Asian Championship again in their lifetime!Hankook Ilbo reported the match from multiple dimensions, focusing mainly on ji Xiaoran, who has represented the Korean national team since the age of 15. Any failure to win the championship, she felt more sorry than anyone else!”Yonhap news Agency” for the report of this match, it is the first time to win the Asian Cup runner-up, South Korea women’s football challenge is continuing!The Seoul Ilbo says the Korean women’s soccer team has been banned from China again.”Daily Business” said the Chinese women’s football team is the Great Wall that The Korean women’s football team can not overcome!Proofread by Li Haihui